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Stop List
Route Vehicles
Illinois TerminalTransit PlazaRound Barn RoadRound Barn Road
Round Barn RoadMTD GarageIllinois TerminalMTD Garage
Round Barn ManorRound Barn RoadUniversity at SecondIllinois Terminal
Crescent at JohnUniversity at Fourth
Crescent at WilliamUniversity at Sixth
Crescent at SangamonUniversity at Wright
Crescent at GreendaleWright at Stoughton
Kirby at CrescentWright at Healey
Kirby at RosewoodTransit Plaza
Kirby at MattisWright at Chalmers
Mattis at PrincetonSixth at Armory
Mattis at SangamonSixth at Peabody
Mattis at SheridanFourth at Peabody
Mattis at WilliamARC
John at MattisFirst at Stadium
John at VictorStadium at Oak
John at FairNeil at Stadium
John at DraperHessel at Randolph
John at GarfieldRandolph at Avondale
John at RussellRandolph at Stanage
John at JamesRandolph at William
John at McKinleyState at John
John at WillisJohn at Prairie
John at ProspectJohn at Lynn
John at PineJohn at New
John at NewJohn at Pine
John at LynnJohn at Prospect
John at PrairieJohn at Willis
State at JohnJohn at McKinley
State at WilliamJohn at James
State at StanageJohn at Russell
State at AvondaleJohn at Garfield
Hessel at RandolphJohn at Draper
Neil at HesselJohn at Fair
Stadium at OakJohn at Victor
First at StadiumJohn at Mattis
ARCMattis at William
Fourth at PeabodyMattis at Stonegate
Sixth at PeabodyMattis at Sangamon
Sixth at GregoryMattis at Meadow
Armory at WrightKirby at Mattis
Transit PlazaKirby at Rosewood
Wright at HealeyKirby at Crescent
White at WrightCrescent at Greendale
University at SixthCrescent at Sangamon
University at FourthCrescent at William
University at SecondCrescent at John
Illinois TerminalJohn at Hollycrest
John at Frank
Round Barn Road

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