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Stop List
Route Vehicles
Yankee Ridge - Lincoln SquareYankee Ridge - Lincoln SquareYankee Ridge - Transit PlazaYankee Ridge - Transit PlazaOrchard DownsYankee Ridge - Transit PlazaOrchard DownsTransit Plaza
Transit PlazaMTD GarageLincoln Square Garage EastMTD GarageMTD GarageLincoln Square Garage EastMTD GarageLincoln Square Garage East
Illini UnionTransit PlazaVine at GreenUrbana Middle SchoolLincoln Square Garage EastVine at GreenRace at IndianaVine at Green
Green at GoodwinVine at IllinoisPenn at VineVine at IllinoisUrbana High SchoolVine at Illinois
Chemical at Life SciencesIllinois at BroadwayFlorida at VineIllinois at BroadwayRace at WashingtonIllinois at Broadway
Goodwin at NevadaRace at IllinoisVine at Burkwood Ct.Race at IllinoisWashington at BroadwayRace at Illinois
Goodwin at GregoryRace at OregonVine at ColoradoRace at OregonVine at WashingtonRace at Oregon
Gregory at DornerRace at WashingtonVine at MumfordRace at NevadaVine at MichiganRace at Washington
Plant Sciences LabRace at IowaVine at George HuffRace at WashingtonPenn at VineRace at Iowa
Pennsylvania at PARUrbana High SchoolVine at HolmesVine at WashingtonFlorida at VineUrbana High School
Florida at BuseyRace at MichiganVine at McHenryUrbana Middle SchoolVine at Burkwood Ct.Race at Michigan
Florida at OrchardPennsylvania at RaceVine at ScovillPenn at VineVine at ColoradoPennsylvania at Race
Orchard Downs North ShelterPenn at BroadwayWindsor at VineFlorida at VineVine at MumfordPenn at Broadway
Orchard Downs Mid-NorthPenn at VineClark Lindsey VillageVine at Burkwood Ct.Vine at George HuffPenn at Vine
Orchard Downs Mid-SouthFlorida at VineRace at WindsorVine at ColoradoVine at HolmesFlorida at Vine
Orchard Downs South ShelterVine at Burkwood Ct.Meadowbrook ParkVine at MumfordVine at McHenryVine at Burkwood Ct.
George Huff at RaceVine at ColoradoRace at SherwinVine at George HuffVine at ScovillVine at Colorado
Race at HolmesVine at MumfordSherwin at PersimmonVine at HolmesWindsor at VineVine at Mumford
Race at McHenryVine at George HuffSherwin at Sherwin Cir.Vine at McHenryClark Lindsey VillageVine at George Huff
Race at Stone Creek ChurchVine at HolmesSherwin at Yankee RidgeVine at ScovillRace at WindsorVine at Holmes
Race at WindsorVine at McHenrySherwin at Pond RidgeWindsor at VineMeadowbrook ParkVine at McHenry
Race at SherwinVine at ScovillSherwin at Sherwin Cir 2Clark Lindsey VillageRace at SherwinVine at Scovill
Sherwin at PersimmonWindsor at VineSherwin at Sherwin Cir.Race at WindsorSherwin at PersimmonWindsor at Vine
Sherwin at Sherwin Cir.Clark Lindsey VillageSherwin at PersimmonMeadowbrook ParkSherwin at Sherwin Cir.Clark Lindsey Village
Sherwin at Yankee RidgeRace at WindsorRace at SherwinRace at SherwinSherwin at Yankee RidgeRace at Windsor
Sherwin at Pond RidgeMeadowbrook ParkRace at WindsorSherwin at PersimmonSherwin at Pond RidgeRace at Stone Creek Church
Sherwin at Sherwin Cir 2Race at SherwinRace at Stone Creek ChurchSherwin at Sherwin Cir.Sherwin at Sherwin Cir 2Race at McHenry
Sherwin at Sherwin Cir.Sherwin at PersimmonRace at McHenrySherwin at Yankee RidgeSherwin at Sherwin Cir.Race at Holmes
Sherwin at PersimmonSherwin at Sherwin Cir.Race at HolmesSherwin at Pond RidgeSherwin at PersimmonGeorge Huff at Race
Race at SherwinSherwin at Yankee RidgeGeorge Huff at RaceSherwin at Sherwin Cir 2Race at SherwinOrchard Downs South Shelter
Race at WindsorSherwin at Pond RidgeOrchard Downs South ShelterSherwin at Sherwin Cir.Race at WindsorOrchard Downs Mid-South
Clark Lindsey VillageSherwin at Sherwin Cir 2Orchard Downs Mid-SouthSherwin at PersimmonRace at Stone Creek ChurchOrchard Downs Mid-North
Windsor at VineSherwin at Sherwin Cir.Orchard Downs Mid-NorthRace at SherwinRace at McHenryOrchard Downs North Shelter
Vine at ScovillSherwin at PersimmonOrchard Downs North ShelterRace at WindsorRace at HolmesFlorida at Orchard
Vine at McHenryRace at SherwinRace at Stone Creek ChurchGeorge Huff at RaceFlorida at Busey
Vine at HolmesRace at WindsorRace at McHenryOrchard Downs South ShelterFlorida at Lincoln
Vine at George HuffRace at Stone Creek ChurchRace at HolmesOrchard Downs Mid-SouthPennsylvania at PAR
Vine at MumfordRace at McHenryGeorge Huff at RaceOrchard Downs Mid-NorthPenn at Goodwin
Vine at ColoradoRace at HolmesOrchard Downs South ShelterOrchard Downs North ShelterAg. Engineering
Vine at Burkwood Ct.George Huff at RaceOrchard Downs Mid-SouthPennsylvania at Sixth
Florida at VineOrchard Downs South ShelterOrchard Downs Mid-NorthPennsylvania at Fourth
Penn at VineOrchard Downs Mid-SouthOrchard Downs North ShelterFourth at Peabody
Penn at BroadwayOrchard Downs Mid-NorthFlorida at OrchardFourth at Gregory
Pennsylvania at RaceOrchard Downs North ShelterFlorida at BuseyFifth at Armory
Race at MichiganFlorida at OrchardFlorida at LincolnArmory at Wright
Urbana High SchoolFlorida at BuseyPennsylvania at PARTransit Plaza
Race at IowaFlorida at LincolnPenn at Goodwin
Race at WashingtonPennsylvania at PARAg. Engineering
Race at OregonPenn at GoodwinPennsylvania at Sixth
Race at IllinoisAg. EngineeringPennsylvania at Fourth
Green at RacePennsylvania at SixthFourth at Peabody
Race at MainPennsylvania at FourthFourth at Gregory
Lincoln Square Garage EastFourth at PeabodyFourth at Armory
Fourth at GregoryArmory at Wright
Fifth at ArmoryTransit Plaza
Armory at Wright
Transit Plaza

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