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Stop List
Route Vehicles
Orchard DownsPhilo & ColoradoRound Barn Road - Parkland College
Lawndale at BelleparkLincoln Square Garage EastOrchard Downs South Shelter
Maplepark at SangamonMain at VineOrchard Downs Mid-South
Maplepark at MaplewoodMain at UrbanaOrchard Downs Mid-North
Maplepark at WilliamMain at GroveOrchard Downs North Shelter
William at DuncanMain at LynnFlorida at Orchard
William at BrentwoodMain at Cottage GroveFlorida at Race
William at GoldenviewMain at GloverRace at Meadow
John at GoldenviewMain at HartleRace at Montclair
John at DogwoodMain at LiermanRace at Mumford
John at DuncanMain at ILEASGeorge Huff at Race
John at Mitchell Ct.Main at Art BartellRace at Holmes
John at KenwoodMain at SmithRace at McHenry
Springfield at KenwoodMain at ScottswoodRace at Stone Creek Church
Springfield at Country Fair Dr.Main at DeweyClark Lindsey Village
Springfield at Round BarnMain at BradyWindsor at Vine
Springfield at MattisBrady at HighWindsor at Lynn
Mattis at Round BarnMacArthur at CaliforniaPhilo at Windsor
Round Barn RoadWashington at MacArthurWindsor at Boulder
Round Barn at Country Fair Dr.Washington at ScottswoodWindsor at Myra Ridge
Springfield at Country Fair Dr.Scottswood at IllinoisAmber at Myra Ridge
Springfield at Country Fair Dr.Dodson at IllinoisUrbana Meijer
Springfield at Round BarnDodson at WashingtonAmber at Philo
Springfield at MattisWashington at Timothy Tr.Silver at Vawter
Springfield at MattisWashington at KinchSilver at Fletcher
Springfield at WestlawnWashington at Country SquireSilver at Cottage Grove
Springfield at RussellWashington at LiermanCottage Grove at Brighton
Springfield at JamesLierman at HunterCottage Grove at Harding
Springfield at McKinleyHunter at Country SquireCottage Grove at Colorado
Springfield at WillisCountry Squire Ct.Colorado at Steer Place
Springfield at PineCountry Squire at KinchPhilo at Colorado
Springfield at NewMichigan at KinchSunnycrest
Springfield at LynnVermont at KinchSunnycrest Mall
Springfield at PrairieFlorida at KinchFlorida at Linden
State at SpringfieldFlorida at CurtissFlorida at Cottage Grove
Randolph at SpringfieldFlorida at James CherryCottage Grove at Penn
Randolph at WhiteFlorida at AdamsPennsylvania Ct.
Randolph at ClarkFlorida at PhiloPenn at Anderson
University at RandolphSunnycrestAnderson at Michigan
University at NeilAnderson at Fairlawn
Illinois TerminalFairlawn
Walnut at LoganVine at Fairlawn
Neil at WhiteVine at Washington
Neil at SpringfieldVine at Oregon
Neil at HealeyVine at Illinois
Green at NeilVine at Green
Green at LocustLincoln Square Garage South
Green at SecondGreen at Race
Green at FourthGreen at Birch
Green at SixthGreen at Orchard
Illini UnionGreen at Busey
Green at GoodwinGreen at Gregory
Green at GregoryGreen at Goodwin
Green at BuseyIllini Union
Green at OrchardGreen at Sixth
Green at BirchGreen at Fourth
Green at RaceGreen at Second
Race at MainGreen at Locust
Lincoln Square Garage EastGreen at Neil
Vine at GreenNeil at Springfield
Vine at IllinoisNeil at Marshall
Vine at OregonWalnut at Logan
Vine at WashingtonWalnut at University
Vine at FairlawnIllinois Terminal
FairlawnWalnut at Logan
Anderson at FairlawnWalnut at University
Anderson at MichiganMain at Fremont
Penn at AndersonChurch at Neil
Penn at WileyState at Park
Cottage Grove at PennState at Clark
Florida at Cottage GroveState at White
Florida at LindenState at Springfield
Sunnycrest MallSpringfield at Prairie
Florida at PhiloSpringfield at Lynn
SunnycrestSpringfield at New
Philo at ColoradoSpringfield at VanDoren
Colorado at Salt at LightSpringfield at Willis
Cottage Grove at ColoradoSpringfield at McKinley
Cottage Grove at HardingSpringfield at James
Cottage Grove at BrightonSpringfield at Russell
Silver at Cottage GroveSpringfield at Royal Ct.
Silver at FletcherSpringfield at Mattis
Silver at VawterMattis at Round Barn
Philo at SilverRound Barn Road
Philo at MumfordRound Barn at Country Fair Dr.
McHenry at PhiloSpringfield at Country Fair Dr.
Urbana MeijerCountry Fair Dr at CPA
Amber at Myra RidgeSocial Security
Windsor at Myra RidgeCountry Fair Dr. at Park
Philo at WindsorCountry Fair Dr. at R.P. Lumber
Windsor at LynnCountry Fair Dr. at Fluid Events
Windsor at VineCountry Fair Dr. at Cone
Clark Lindsey VillageCountry Fair Dr. at Camp
Race at WindsorBradley at Country Fair Dr.
Race at Stone Creek ChurchBradley at Clayton
Race at McHenryParkland College
Race at Holmes
George Huff at Race
Orchard Downs South Shelter

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