Champaign MTD

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Stop List
Route Vehicles
Champaign Walmart
Illinois Terminal
Walnut at Logan
Walnut at University
Main at Fremont
Church at Neil
Church at State
Church at Prairie
Church at Elm
Church at Lynn
Church at New
Church St.
Church at Prospect
Prospect at Washington
Prospect at Vine
Prospect at Harvard
Prospect at Eureka
Bradley at Prospect
Hagan at Pioneer
Bloomington at Hagan
Bloomington at Prospect
Bloomington at Highland
Bloomington at Willis
Bloomington at McKinley
Paula at McKinley
Paula at Kirk Ln.
Paula at Honeysuckle
Paula at Joanne
Paula at Garden Hills
Paula at Mattis
Mattis at Anita
Mattis North Apartments
Anthony at Mattis
Anthony at Dobbins
Anthony at Walters
Roland at Dobbins
Roland at Comanche
Queensway at Roland
Campbell at Queensway
Campbell at Comanche
Campbell at Dobbins
Campbell at Curt
Anthony at Campbell
Anthony at Woodspring Suites
Anthony at Rural King
Anthony Dr. at Goodwill
Marketview at Anthony
Marketview at Sams
Baytowne at Boardwalk
Boardwalk at Town Center
Boardwalk at Meijer Dr.
Meijer Dr. at Meijer
Champaign Walmart

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