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University and WrightWater Survey
Water SurveyUniversity at Wright
Hazelwood at OakUniversity at Goodwin
Oak St.University at Lincoln
St. Mary's at OakLincoln at Main
First at St. Mary'sLincoln at Springfield
Lot E-14Green at Gregory
Kirby at OakGreen at Goodwin
Kirby at FirstIllini Union
Fourth at KirbyTransit Plaza
Fourth at PennsylvaniaWright at Chalmers
Fourth at PeabodyFifth at Armory
Fourth at GregoryFourth at Gregory
Fifth at ArmoryFourth at Peabody
Armory at WrightFourth at Pennsylvania
Transit PlazaFourth at Kirby
Wright at HealeyKirby at First
White at WrightKirby at Oak
University at WrightLot E-14
First at St. Mary's
First at iHotel
First at Hazelwood
First at Gerty
Oak at Gerty
Water Survey

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