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Stop List
Route Vehicles
Orange Route
Transfer (Fourth St)
Idelwyld Park
Orange Mill Court
Third St at Fourth Ave
Fourth Ave at Second St
Fifth Ave (Clinic)
First St at Fourth Ave
McCarthy St (The Bromount Place)
McCarthy St at Faulkner St
ODSS Front Entrance
ODSS / Tony Rose
Clara St at Elizabeth St
Ada St
Banting Dr
Avalon Centre
Springbrook Plaza
C Line at Brenda Blvd
Alder St
Alder St (Westside School)
Riddell Rd (Alder Arena)
Riddell Rd at Montgomery Blvd
Gooseberry St
Dogwood St
Cottonwood St at Rayburn Rd
C Line (No Frills)
Diane Dr at Manor Cres
Oxford St
Broadway at Blind Line
Broadway at Banting Dr
Dawson Rd
Broadway at Centre St
Bythia St
John St
Mill St
Second St
Transfer (Fourth St)

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