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 •  4-Westbrook

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Stop List
Route Vehicles
Dowtown Portland To Bradley DriveDowntown Portland To Westbrook HubPark Ave - PulseBradley Drive To Downtown PortlandHamlet Park To Metro PulseNot In Service
PulseForest Ave at Congress StSt John St at 325 St John StAbbott LabsHamlet ParkSt John St at 325 St John St
Oxford St at Alder StCongress St at Center StPark Ave at Gilman St55 Bradley DrSaco St at Spiller DrQuimby Ave at Saco St
Portland St at Forest AvePulsePark Ave at Weymouth StSaco St at Eisenhower DrSaco St at Eisenhower Dr
Forest Ave at Kennebec StOxford St at Alder StPark Ave at Deering AveSaco St at Prospect StSaco St at Prospect St
Bedford St Usm O/BPortland St at Forest AvePark Ave at Mellen StProspec St at Mechanic StProspec St at Mechanic St
Deering's Corner Roundabout O/BForest Ave at Kennebec StPark Ave at High StMechanic St at W Valentine StMechanic St at W Valentine St
Brighton Ave at Pitt StBedford St Usm O/BForest Ave at Congress StWilliam Clarke Dr at Central StWilliam Clarke Dr at Central St
Brighton Ave at Noyes StDeering's Corner Roundabout O/BCongress St at Center StMain St & Spring StMain St & Spring St
Brighton Ave at Beacon StBrighton Ave at Pitt StPulseMain St at Stroudwater StMain St at Stroudwater St
Brighton Medical Ctr O/BBrighton Ave at Noyes StMain St at 668 Main StMain St at 668 Main St
Brighton Ave at Stevens AveBrighton Ave at Beacon StMain St at School StMain St at School St
Brighton Ave at Belfield StBrighton Medical Ctr O/BWestbrook HannafordWestbrook Hannaford
Rosemont Corner O/BBrighton Ave at Stevens AveMain St at Haskell StMain St at Haskell St
Brighton Ave at Edgeworth AveBrighton Ave at Belfield StMain St at Tramway LnMain St at Tramway Ln
Brighton Ave at Wayside RdRosemont Corner O/BMain St at 458 Main StMain St at 458 Main St
Brighton Ave at Capisic St O/BBrighton Ave at Edgeworth AveMain St at 380 Main StMain St at 380 Main St
Sagamore Village O/BBrighton Ave at Wayside RdMain St at Mason StMain St at Mason St
Brighton Ave at Taft AveBrighton Ave at Capisic St O/BMain St at 250 Main StMain St at 250 Main St
Barron Center O/BSagamore Village O/BMain St at 140 Main StMain St at 140 Main St
Main St at Riverside StBrighton Ave at Taft AveRock RowRock Row
Main St at Liza Harmon DrBarron Center O/BBarron Center I/BBarron Center I/B
Westbrook City HallMain St at Riverside StBrighton Ave at 1072 Brighton AveBrighton Ave at 1072 Brighton Ave
Main St at Deer Hill AveMain St at Liza Harmon DrBrighton Ave at Rand RdBrighton Ave at Rand Rd
Main St at Mason StWestbrook City HallBrighton Ave at Rowe AveBrighton Ave at Rowe Ave
Main St at 389 Main StMain St at Deer Hill AveBrighton Ave at Capisic St I/BBrighton Ave at Capisic St I/B
Harnois Ave at Main StMain St at Mason StBrighton Ave at Lucas StBrighton Ave at Lucas St
Main St at Locust StMain St at 389 Main StBrighton Ave at Machigonne StBrighton Ave at Machigonne St
Westbrook HannafordHarnois Ave at Main StRosemont Corner I/BRosemont Corner I/B
Main St at Riverbank ParkMain St at Locust StBrighton Ave at 460 Brighton AveBrighton Ave at 460 Brighton Ave
Main St at Dunn StWestbrook HannafordBrighton Ave at 416 Brighton AveBrighton Ave at 416 Brighton Ave
Main St at 741 Main StMain St at Riverbank ParkBrighton Medical Ctr I/BBrighton Medical Ctr I/B
Main St at 795 Main StMain St at Dunn StBrighton Ave at Bolton StBrighton Ave at Bolton St
Mechanic & QuimbyMain St at 741 Main StBrighton Ave at Dartmouth StBrighton Ave at Dartmouth St
Mechanic St at West Valentine StMain St at 795 Main StBrighton Ave at Kenwood StBrighton Ave at Kenwood St
Mechanic St at Prospect StMechanic & QuimbyDeering's Corner Roundabout I/BDeering's Corner Roundabout I/B
Prospect St at Saco StQuimby Ave at Saco StBedford St Usm I/BBedford St Usm I/B
Saco St at 345 Saco StForest Ave at High StForest Ave at High St
IdexxForest Ave at Park AveForest Ave at Park Ave
Abbott LabsForest Ave at Congress StForest Ave at Congress St
Congress St at Center StCongress St at Center St

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