Greater Portland METRO

 •  9A-North Deering via Stevens Ave

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Stop List
Route Vehicles
St John St + 325 St John St >> WestgateNorth Deering via Stevens AveSt John St + 70 St John St >> Portland City HallNot In ServiceN. Deering To City Hall Via Summit StDowntown Portland via Washington Ave
St John St at 325 St John StPortland City HallSt John St at 70 St John StSt John St at 325 St John StWashington Ave at Auburn StWashington Ave at Auburn St
WestgatePortland Public LibraryPortland City HallWashington Ave at W. Kidder StAuburn St at Summit StAuburn St at Summit St
Congress St at Casco StAuburn St at Lambert StAuburn St at Lambert St
Congress St at Forest AveJackson St at Kenneth StAuburn St at Jackson St
Congress St at Park StSummit St at 276 Summit StAuburn St at 246 Auburn St
Congress St at State StSummit St at Alpine StAuburn St at 206 Auburn St
Congress St at Mellen StSummit St at 140 Summit StAuburn St at Croquet Ln
Congress St at Deering AveSummit St at Sumac StAuburn St at Sanborn St
Congress St at Weymouth StAllen Ave at Meadow LnAuburn St at 46 Auburn St
Congress St at Valley StAllen Ave at 558 Allen AveWashington Ave at Bernard Rd
St John St at 325 St John StRay St at Merrymeeting Dr IbWashington Ave at Harvard St
Park Ave at St John St344 Ray StWashington Ave at Canco Rd
Park Ave at St James StRay St at Maine AveWashington Ave at 975 Washington Ave
Congress St at 1189 Congress StRay St at Dakota StWashington Ave at Pheasant Hill Dr
Congress St at Whitney StRay St at Ivaloo StWashington Ave at Ocean Ave
Congress St at 1329 Congress StRay St at Joseph AveWashington Ave at W. Kidder St
WestgateWashington Ave at 975 Washington AveWashington Ave at Johansen St
Stevens Ave at Anson StWashington Ave at Pheasant Hill DrWashington Ave at W. Presumpscot St West
Stevens Ave at Brighton AveWashington Ave at Ocean AveWashington Ave at Galvin St
Stevens Ave at Prospect StWashington Ave at W. Kidder StWashington Ave at E. Promenade
Stevens Ave at Rackleff StWashington Ave at Johansen StWashington Ave at Fox St
Deering Hs OutboundWashington Ave at W. Presumpscot St WestWashington Ave at Oxford St
Stevens Ave at Pleasant AveWashington Ave at Galvin StCongress St at Washington Ave
Stevens Ave at Percival StWashington Ave at E. PromenadeCongress St at India St
Motherhouse O/BWashington Ave at Fox StCongress St at Franklin St
Stevens Ave at Elmwood StWashington Ave at Oxford StPortland City Hall
Stevens Ave at Arbor StCongress St at Washington Ave
Stevens Ave at 825 Stevens AveCongress St at India St
Allen Ave at Forest AveCongress St at Franklin St
Allen Ave at 97 Allen AvePortland City Hall
Allen Ave at Plymouth St
Cbhs Outbound
Allen Ave at Abbott St
Washington Ave at 1476 Washington Ave
Washington Ave at Sanborn St
Washington Ave at Regan Ln
Washington Ave at Greenwood Ln
Washington Ave at 1751 Washington Ave
Washington Ave at 1815 Washington
Washington Ave at Riverside Dr
Washington Ave at Stonecrest Dr
Washington Ave at Auburn St

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