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 •  12-Hoback to 3rd St Station

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12 - Valley View Mall To Third Street Station
Hoback at Big Lots parking lot
Ferncliff at William Fleming High School
Ferncliff at Ferncliff Apartments
Ferncliff at Routt
Routt at Cove
Cove at Hershberger (Roanoke Firearms)
Cove at Hershberger (Lee Hartman)
Cove at Golfside
Cove at Abbott
Cove at Fairland
Cove at Sherman
Andrews at Cove
Andrews at Florida
Andrews at 19th
Rugby at 16th
Rugby at 14th
Rugby at 12th
Rugby at 10th
10th at Staunton
Madison at 10th
Madison at 8th
McDowell at 6th
McDowell at 5th
5th at Harrison
5th St at Moorman Ave
Salem EB at 4th
3rd St Station Slip J

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