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 •  16- Valley View Mall to 3rd St Station

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16 - Valley View Mall to Third Street Station
Valley View Ring Road at Walmart
Valley View Blvd SB at O'Charleys
Valley View Blvd SB at Target
Grandview SB at Hershberger
Grandview SB at Marr
Grandview SB at Edinburgh
Grandview SB at Vancouver
Floraland WB at Grandview
Floraland WB at Huff
Greenland SB at Avalon
Greenland SB at Oakland
Greenland SB at Cumberland
Greenland SB at 10th
10th SB at Courtland
10th SB at Greenhurst
10th SB at Hunt
Hunt EB at 8th
Hunt EB at Liberty
Liberty SB at Dupree (Lincoln Terrace Elementary)
Burrell SB at Whitten
Burrell SB at Douglass
Gainsboro SB at Madison
Gainsboro at Patton
Gainsboro SB at Wells
Gainsboro SB at Loudon
3rd St Station Slip I

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