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 •  61 - 3rd St Station to Brambleton and Red Rock

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61 - Third Street Station to Brambleton & Red Rock
3rd St Station Slip H
3rd St at Church Ave
Franklin SB at Day
Elm WB at 4th
Elm WB at 5th
Elm WB at 8th
Main SB at Winona
Main SB at Howbert
Main SB at Kerns
Main SB at Summit
Main SB at Windsor
Brandon EB at Malcolm
Brandon EB at 23rd
Towers Mall at Dunkin Donuts
Brandon WB at Windsor
Brandon WB at Malcolm
Brambleton SB at Brandon
Brambleton SB at Welch
Brambleton SB at Overland
Brambleton SB at Ross
Brambleton SB at Carillion
Brambleton SB at Clifford
Brambleton SB at Rosewood
Brambleton SB at Spring
Brambleton SB at Ashby
Red Rock NB at Brambleton (Shell station)

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