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 •  66 -Grandin Road (PH High School) to 3rd St Station

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66 - Carlton & Grandin to Third Street Station
Grandin NB at Avenel (Patrick Henry High School)
Grandin NB at Sherwood
Grandin NB at Windsor
Grandin NB at Maiden
Grandin NB at Memorial (Grandin Theatre)
Memorial EB at Winborne
Denniston SB at Hampton
Denniston SB at Westover
Denniston SB at Maiden
Maiden WB at Bluemont
Wasena NB at Richard T Wellins Rd.
13th NB at Cleveland
13th NB at Campbell
13th NB at Patterson
Patterson WB at 14th
Patterson WB at 16th
Patterson WB at 18th
18th NB at Salem
Salem Avenue EB at 16th
Salem Avenue EB at 13th
Salem Avenue EB at 10th
Salem EB at 8th
Salem Avenue EB at 6th
Salem EB at 4th
3rd St Station Slip N

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