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 •  35 - 3rd St Station to Vinton

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35 - Third Street Station to Vinton
3rd St Station Slip L
Jefferson SB at Luck
Tazewell EB at 4th
Tazewell EB at 7th
Tazewell EB at 8 1/2
9th SB at Dale
Bulitt at 9th
Bullitt EB at 12th
Jamison EB at 14th
Dale EB at 19th
Dale EB at 21st
Dale EB at Walmart
Virginia EB at Glade (Tinker Creek)
Virginia EB at PFG
Virginia EB at 3rd
Pollard NB at Jefferson
Pollard NB at Jackson
Washington EB at Maple
Washington EB at Blair
Washington EB at Pine
Washington EB at Mountain View
Washington EB at River Park Shopping Center Driveway
Bypass SB at River Park Center
Bypass SB at Roop (opposite Hardy Road CVS)
Hardy WB at Bedford
Vineyard SB at Rosies
Clearview Manor on Vinyard

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