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 •  52 - Tanglewood Mall to 3rd St Station

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3rd St Station Slip Q
Tanglewood Mall (Barnes and Noble)
Electric NB at Tanglewood Mall Driveway (Copper Croft Apartments)
Franklin NB at Penarth
Franklin NB at Townside Festival Shopping Center (Dunkin Donuts)
Franklin NB at Public Storage
Franklin NB at Willow Oak
Franklin Road at Avenham
Franklin NB at Transmission America
Franklin NB at Beechwood
Franklin NB at BMW
Franklin NB at Burger King
Franklin EB at Rock and Roll Diner
Franklin EB at Earth Fare
McClanahan SB at Fresenius Dialysis Center
McClanahan EB at Rosalind
McClanahan EB at Jefferson
Roanoke Memorial Hospital
Belleview NB at Linden
Belleview NB at Walnut
Walnut WB at Jefferson
Jefferson NB at Albemarle
Jefferson NB at Reid
Jefferson & Luck
3rd St Station Slip Q

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