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 •  4-Monroe-Regal

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Northbound - Five MileSouthbound - Moran Station
Moran Station P&R Bay 25 Mile Park & Ride
57th at FerrallFrancis at Cedar
57th at HaileeFrancis at Monroe
57TH at REGALMonroe at Central
Regal at 53rdMonroe at Rowan
Regal at Palouse HwyMonroe at Queen
Regal at 44thMonroe at Wellesley
Regal at ThurstonMonroe at Longfellow
Regal at 37thMonroe at Garland
Southeast Blvd at RegalMonroe at Alice
South Hill Park & Ride Bay 1Monroe at Grace
29th at StoneMonroe at Montgomery
29th at MartinMonroe at Nora
29th at PittsburgMonroe at Maxwell
29th at PinecrestMonroe at Gardner
29th at ArthurMonroe at Broadway
29th at HatchMonroe at Summit
Grand at 25thRiverside at Monroe
Grand at 21stPlaza Bay 6
Grand at 18thStevens at Sprague
Grand at 14th AvenueStevens at 4th
Grand at 12thStevens at 6th
McClellan at 8th9th at McClellan
Washington at 6thGrand at 14th
Washington at 4thGrand at 18th
Sprague at StevensGrand at 21st
Plaza Bay 11Grand at 25th
Monroe at Summit Parkway29th at Grand
Monroe at Broadway29th Av at Garfield St (Manito Center)
Monroe at Boone29th at Arthur
Monroe at Maxwell29th at Perry
Monroe at Indiana29th at Pittsburg
Monroe at Carlisle29th at Martin
Monroe at Grace29th at Southeast Blvd.
Monroe at AliceSouth Hill Park & Ride Bay 2
Monroe at GarlandSoutheast Blvd at Regal
Monroe at LongfellowRegal at 37th
Monroe at WellesleyRegal at Thurston
Monroe at QueenRegal at 44th
Monroe at RowanRegal at Palouse Hwy
Monroe at CentralRegal at 53rd
Francis at MonroeRegal at 55th
Francis at Cedar57th E at Regal
5 Mile Park & Ride57th at Hailee
57th at Ferrall
Moran Station Mast 2

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