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Detour on Route 68 Started Mar 29 2022 Until Jan 1 3000
Eagle Station Bay 1 is Temporarily Closed. Please board the bus to the east on Elm at C St.
Cheney Loop
Elm at C St
Elm at 7th
6th at Oak
6th at Cheney High School
6th at Golden Hills Drive
McKeehan Way at 6th
McKeehan Way at Sports Complex
McKeehan Way at Washington (Eagle Point)
Betz at Washington (Eagle Point)
Betz at 6th
Betz Rd at Al Ogdon Way
Betz at SR 904 (turnout)
1st at College Hill
1st at Cheney Spokane Rd.
1st at Vine
1st at Pine
1st at Calispel
1st at A Street
1st at D Street Cheney Library
1st at G Street
1st at Union
K Street Station
1st at Washington
1st at Buena Vista
1st at W 800
Presley at 1st
Presley at Holladay
Presley at Salnave
Salnave at Hattie
Salnave at Lincoln
Washington at 3rd
Washington at 7th
Washington at Elm (EWU)
Elm at C St

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