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Detour on Route 90 Started Feb 19 Until Feb 23
Valley Transit CenterDowntown
Plaza Bay 6Valley Transit Center Bay 9
Riverside at WashingtonSprague at University
Sprague at BrowneSprague at Felts
Sprague at DivisionSprague at Walnut
Sprague at PineSprague at Farr (Winco)
Sprague at ShermanSprague at Mullan
Sprague at Pride PrepSprague at 8722 E
Sprague at IvorySprague at Bessie
Sprague at HelenaSprague at Vista
Sprague at NapaSprague at Park
Sprague at StoneSprague at Coleman
Sprague at LaceySprague at Thierman
Sprague at HavenSprague at Fancher
Sprague at GreeneSprague at Howe
Sprague at FreyaSprague at Light Entrance to Costco
Sprague at RebeccaSprague at Custer
Sprague at HavanaSprague at Havana
Sprague at CusterSprague at Julia
Sprague at CarnahanSprague at Freya
Sprague at HoweSprague at Greene
Sprague at FancherSprague at Haven
Appleway at TheirmanSprague at Lacey
Appleway at ColemanSprague at Altamont
Appleway at ParkSprague at Napa
Appleway at VistaSprague at Helena
Appleway at SargentSprague at Ivory
Appleway at DishmanSprague at Pride Prep
Appleway at Dishman MicaSprague at Sherman
Appleway at Farr (Winco)Sprague at Pine
Appleway at DartmouthSprague at Browne
Valley Transit Center Bay 10Sprague at Bernard
Sprague at Stevens
Plaza Bay 13

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