Laval STL

 •  222 Métro Cartier

Stop List
Route Vehicles
Place Paul-Kane[45067]
Paul-Kane at Ernest-Cormier[46025]
Ernest-Cormier at Face au 6810[46490]
Bernard-Lefebvre at Face au 2555[46491]
Bernard-Lefebvre at Face au 4000[46492]
Bernard-Lefebvre at Montée Masson[46493]
Montée Masson at Place Verner[42187]
Montée Masson at Bernard-Lefebvre[42229]
Bernard-Lefebvre at Face au 1855[46496]
Ernest-Cormier at Face au 6810[46497]
Ernest-Cormier at Paul-Kane[46498]
Maurice-Cullen at Ernest-Cormier[45068]
Maurice-Cullen at face au 5555[46333]
Place Maurice-Cullen at face au 5570[46334]
Place Maurice-Cullen at face au 5750[46335]
Maurice-Cullen at Ernest-Cormier[45072]
Ernest-Cormier at face au 5540[46336]
Ernest-Cormier at Montée Saint-François[46028]
Montée Saint-François at Maurice-Cullen[46029]
Montée Saint-François at face au 535[46030]
Montée Saint-François at face au 200[46337]
Montée Saint-François at Lévesque[42797]
de la Fabrique at J.-Eudes-Blanchard[41616]
de la Fabrique at du Collège[41611]
de la Fabrique at Desnoyers[41613]
de la Fabrique at Belleville[41615]
Belleville at Saint-Germain[41101]
Belleville at Saint-Joseph[41110]
Belleville at Beausoleil[41108]
Belleville at Louis-Abel[41106]
Lévesque at face au 4600[42104]
Lévesque at Suzanne[42102]
Lévesque at de la Concorde[42100]
Lévesque at Rose-de-Lima[42098]
Lévesque at Mondor[42095]
Lévesque at Jacques-Brodeur[42093]
Lévesque at Lesage[42091]
Lévesque at face au cimetière[45010]
Lévesque at Joly[42088]
Lévesque at D'Auteuil[42085]
Lévesque at Montrose[46031]
Lévesque at de Fontainebleau[42084]
Lévesque at Jeanne-Leber[42081]
Lévesque at des Forges[42079]
Lévesque at Curé-Cloutier[42077]
Lévesque at autoroute 19[42074]
Lévesque at De Sabrevois[46621]
Lévesque at Hauterive[42072]
Lévesque at J.-J.-Joubert[42070]
Cartier at J.-J.-Joubert[41219]
Lévesque at Cartier[42067]
des Écores at Lévesque[41557]
Tourangeau at des Alpes[43195]
Tourangeau at Léger[43193]
Tourangeau at Goineau[43191]
Tourangeau at Cousineau[43201]
Tourangeau at Lahaie[43199]
Tourangeau at Saint-Hubert[43197]
Tourangeau at des Laurentides[45011]
des Laurentides at Grenon[41876]
des Laurentides at de Rome[46423]
métro Cartier[47128]

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