Laval STL

 •  24 Sainte-Dorothée

Stop List
Route Vehicles
métro Cartier Quai: 8[47024]
Cartier at de Bayeux[41267]
Cartier at Conrad[41221]
Cartier at 8e[41223]
Cartier at 15e Rue[41225]
Cartier at Perrin[41227]
Cartier at Ampère[41229]
Cartier at Laval[41232]
Cartier at du Bon-Pasteur[41234]
Cartier at Mariale[41236]
Cartier at Dussault[41238]
Cartier at Giroux[41240]
Cartier at Verdi[41243]
Cartier at Clermont[41245]
Cartier at Micro[45043]
Cartier at Armand-Frappier[41247]
Cartier at 58e Avenue[41249]
Cartier at Daniel-Johnson[41251]
Cartier at 64e Avenue[41253]
Cartier at 66e Avenue[41255]
Cartier at 68e Avenue[41257]
Cartier at Chomedey[41260]
Curé-Labelle at 73e Avenue[41263]
Curé-Labelle at 77e Avenue[41461]
Curé-Labelle at 80e Avenue[41463]
Samson at Curé-Labelle[43062]
Samson at 85e Avenue[43060]
Samson at 89e Avenue[43058]
Samson at 92e Avenue[43055]
Samson at 95e Avenue[46009]
Samson at Lévesque[46010]
Samson at 1ère rue[43053]
Samson at 100e Avenue[43051]
Samson at des Îles[43047]
Samson at Côté[43045]
Samson at face au 5034[43042]
Samson at 4e Rue[43040]
Samson at de Cherbourg[43038]
Samson at Cléophas-Charbonneau[43033]
Samson at face au 7[45008]
Samson at Josaphat-Demers[43034]
Samson at Brais[43030]
Samson at Fouquet[43027]
Samson at face au 239[43025]
Samson at Notre-Dame[43023]
Samson at Huberdeau[43019]
Sylvie at Samson[43426]
Sylvie at Dandurant[43427]

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