Laval STL

 •  252 Saint-François

Stop List
Route Vehicles
Terminus Henri-Bourassa[46654]
Henri-Bourassa at du Fort-Lorette[41706]
Henri-Bourassa at des Prairies[46631]
Henri-Bourassa at Oscar[46384]
Monselet at Saint-Vital[43302]
Pie-IX at de Castille[42584]
Pie-IX at d'Amos[46629]
de la Concorde at Lévesque[41393]
Lévesque at Suzanne[42101]
Lévesque at Belleville[42103]
Lévesque at face au 4760[42105]
Lévesque at Desnoyers[42107]
Lévesque at de Saint-Césaire[42110]
Lévesque at Bellevue[42112]
Lévesque at Montée Saint-François[42114]
Lévesque at face au 5682[42116]
Lévesque at face au 6099[42118]
Lévesque at Montée Masson[42121]
Lévesque at de Limoges[42123]
Lévesque at face au 6325[42125]
Lévesque at Legris[42127]
Lévesque at Malépart[42129]
Lévesque at face au 6644[42132]
Lévesque at Roger-Lortie[42134]
Lévesque at Saint-Jean[42136]
Lévesque at des Cépages[42138]
Lévesque at des Pinsons[42140]
Lévesque at face au 7312[41988]
Lévesque at des Pelicans[41990]
Lévesque at des Hêtres[41992]
Lévesque at des Hirondelles[41994]
Lévesque at des Sapins[41996]
Lévesque at du Cresson[41999]
Lévesque at Roger[42001]
Lévesque at des Noisetiers[42003]
Lévesque at de la Rosée[42005]
Lévesque at de l'Harmonie[42008]
Lévesque at Léa[42010]
Mirelle at Béatrice[42409]
Mirelle at Chartrand[42414]
Mirelle at Adrien[42416]
Mirelle at Romain[42418]
Mirelle at Tristan[42420]
Mirelle at Chimène[42411]
Mirelle at Marius-Barbeau[42412]
Marius-Barbeau at Lambert[42178]
Marius-Barbeau at Roxane[42179]
Marius-Barbeau at Mélisande[42180]
Marius-Barbeau at Montée du Moulin[42184]
Montée du Moulin at De Léry[42447]
Montée du Moulin at Romain[42455]
Montée du Moulin at de L'Église[42457]
Montée du Moulin at Chartrand[42459]
Chartrand at Face au Maxi[46632]

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