Laval STL

 •  46 Laval-Ouest

Stop List
Route Vehicles
métro Montmorency Quai: 7[48046]
de la Concorde at Lucien-Paiement[46018]
de la Concorde at Le Corbusier[46625]
Notre-Dame at Armand-Frappier[46109]
Notre-Dame at face au 2999[46019]
Notre-Dame at face au 3055[46020]
Notre-Dame at Alton-Goldbloom[46021]
Notre-Dame at Chomedey[42515]
Notre-Dame at Saint-Charles[42480]
Notre-Dame at Wilfrid-Laurier[42511]
Notre-Dame at Thomas-Chapais[42513]
Notre-Dame at Curé-Labelle[42516]
Curé-Labelle at face au Pharmaprix[41416]
Curé-Labelle at Face au Club entrepôt[41417]
Curé-Labelle at Marie-Antoinette[41421]
Curé-Labelle at du Souvenir[41424]
Saint-Martin at Robinson[42811]
Saint-Martin at du Couvent[42810]
Saint-Martin at Favreau[45035]
Saint-Martin at Pilon[42809]
Saint-Martin at Francoeur[42807]
Saint-Martin at face à l'hôpital Saint-Judes[42806]
Saint-Martin at Fafard[42821]
Saint-Martin at Dutrisac[42802]
Saint-Martin at 100e Avenue[42800]
Saint-Martin at face au 4940[42882]
Saint-Martin at face au 5004[42881]
Saint-Martin at face au 5184[42863]
Saint-Martin at Le Boutillier[42837]
Saint-Martin at Montgolfier[42819]
Montée Champagne at Face au 980[41270]
Montée Champagne at Principale[41269]
Principale at Bigras[42639]
Principale at face au 195[46106]
Principale at Stéphane[43437]
Principale at Pierre[42662]
Principale at Marjolaine[46406]
Principale at Malraux[42674]
Principale at Lise[42676]
Principale at Duprat[42678]
Principale at de l'Hôtel-de-Ville[42641]
Principale at Francis[42643]
Principale at Carole[42645]
Principale at Corbeil[42648]
Principale at Noël[42651]
Principale at des Coquelicots[45033]
Principale at des Saules[42656]
Principale at Bastien[42654]
Principale at face au 1210[42658]
Principale at face au 1270[42659]
Principale at face au 1305[42661]
Principale at face au 1431[42664]
Principale at Dulude[42667]
Principale at Brady[42669]
Principale at Saint-Antoine[42671]
Saint-Antoine at 57e Avenue[42761]
Saint-Antoine at 51e Avenue[42763]
Saint-Antoine at Arthur-Sauvé[42765]
Arthur-Sauvé at 80e Rue[43077]
Arthur-Sauvé at Troyat[43093]
Arthur-Sauvé at Antoine-Blondin[43095]
Arthur-Sauvé at Duhamel[43097]
Arthur-Sauvé at Dagenais[43079]
Arthur-Sauvé at 52e Rue[43081]
Arthur-Sauvé at Sainte-Rose[43083]
Arthur-Sauvé at 45e Avenue[43085]

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