Laval STL

 •  902 Métro Côte-Vertu

Stop List
Route Vehicles
terminus Le Carrefour Quai: 8[44902]
Carrefour Laval[43295]
Le Carrefour at Daniel-Johnson[43929]
Le Carrefour at Face au 3405[43930]
Le Carrefour at Face au Land Rover[43931]
Chomedey at face au 2350[46428]
Chomedey at Chenonceau[46518]
Chomedey at Quartier Saint-Martin[46519]
Chomedey at Saint-Martin[41294]
Chomedey at Face au Maxi[46633]
Chomedey at des Châteaux[41290]
Chomedey at du Souvenir[41288]
Chomedey at Cardinal[41286]
Chomedey at Monod[41284]
Chomedey at Notre-Dame[41302]
Chomedey at Perron[41300]
Chomedey at face au 573[41298]
Chomedey at Cartier[41293]
Curé-Labelle at Lévesque[41442]
Curé-Labelle at face au 41 (avant pont Lachapelle)[41419]
Laurentien at Gouin ouest[41894]
Gare Bois-Franc[41896]
Marcel-Laurin at Poirier[41898]
métro Côte-Vertu Quai: 20[40144]

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