Laval STL

 •  903 Gare Sainte-Dorothée

Stop List
Route Vehicles
métro Montmorency Quai: 7[48903]
Le Corbusier at Du Souvenir - Centre Laval[41957]
Le Corbusier at Saint-Martin[41952]
Le Corbusier at Albert-Duquesne[41942]
terminus Le Carrefour Quai: 2[44903]
Dagenais at Ovide[41481]
Dagenais at Montée Sauriol[46130]
Montée Sauriol at Sylvestre[43070]
Montée Sauriol at Stéphanie[43072]
Montée Sauriol at Sylvio[43074]
Montée Sauriol at Sainte-Rose[43076]
Sainte-Rose at 40e Avenue[42952]
Sainte-Rose at face au 4199[42949]
Sainte-Rose at Cousteau[42948]
Sainte-Rose at Stéphanie[46325]
Sainte-Rose at 30e Avenue[42946]
Sainte-Rose at Bellemare[42944]
Sainte-Rose at Laberge[42942]
Sainte-Rose at 22e Avenue[42939]
Sainte-Rose at 18e Avenue[42937]
Sainte-Rose at 15e Avenue[46604]
Sainte-Rose at 14e Avenue[42935]
Sainte-Rose at 10e Avenue[42933]
Sainte-Rose at 8e Avenue[42930]
Sainte-Rose at 4e Avenue[42928]
Sainte-Rose at 2E Avenue[42926]
Sainte-Rose at 55e Avenue[42924]
Sainte-Rose at 51e Avenue[42922]
Sainte-Rose at Arthur-Sauvé[42919]
Sainte-Rose at 41e Avenue[42917]
Sainte-Rose at 37e Avenue[42915]
Sainte-Rose at 28e Rue[42913]
Sainte-Rose at 27e Avenue[42896]
Sainte-Rose at 21e Avenue[42997]
Sainte-Rose at 17e Avenue[42975]
Sainte-Rose at 13e Avenue[42953]
Sainte-Rose at 7e Avenue[42931]
Sainte-Rose at 3e Avenue[42884]
Saint-Antoine at Les Érables[46641]
Saint-Antoine at 3e Avenue[46290]
Saint-Antoine at Marie-Le Franc[46291]
Saint-Antoine at André-Maurois[46292]
Saint-Antoine at parc Laval-Ouest[46293]
Saint-Antoine at FACE AU 3155[46294]
Saint-Antoine at Fernando-Pessoa[46295]
Saint-Antoine at Arthur-Sauvé[46296]
Jolibourg at Matane[46297]
Jolibourg at Matane[46298]
Jolibourg at de Val-Brillant[46299]
Jolibourg at du Relais[41788]
Jolibourg at Saint-Denis[41783]
Jolibourg at du Bord-de-l'Eau[41786]
du Bord-de-l'Eau at Dupont[41201]
du Bord-de-l'Eau at du Relais[43263]
du Bord-de-l'Eau at face au 1368[41195]
Gare Sainte-Dorothée[41198]

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