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 •  12-Bellevue/Dayton

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4th at Walnut2nd at Benham
Government Square Area FBenham at 4th
5th at Lawrence4th at Kenton
Broadway at Pete Rose4th at Boone
York at 5th4th at Main
6th at MonmouthClay at 5th
6th at SaratogaClay at 6th
6th at Washington6th at Berry
6th at Overton6th at Dayton
6th at Monroe6th at McKinney
6th at Park6th at Ervin
6th at Maple6th at Vine
6th at Linden6th at Walnut
6th at Oak6th at O Fallon
Riviera at Bellevue PlazaFairfield at Foote
Riviera at FairfieldFairfield at Taylor
Fairfield at RivieraFairfield at Patchen
Fairfield at BerryRiviera at Fairfield
Fairfield at TaylorRiviera at Bellevue Plaza
Fairfield at Ward6th at Oak
6th at O Fallon6th at Linden
6th at Walnut6th at Maple
6th at Vine6th at Park
6th at Ervin6th at Monroe
6th at McKinney6th at Overton
6th at Dayton6th at Washington
6th at Berry6th at Saratoga
6th at ClayMonmouth at 5th
6th at Main3rd at Newport on the Levee
5th at BooneTaylor Southgate at Pete Rose
5th at Kenton4th at Walnut
5th at Benham
5th at Clark
Clark at 4th
2nd at Benham

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