Fort Wright TANK

 •  7-Madison Ave/Latonia

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Stop List
Route Vehicles
Latonia Centre4th at Walnut
Latonia Centre at 43rdRace at 3rd
Winston at 42ndBakewell at 3rd
Winston at 41stCovington Transit Center
Winston at 40thScott at 5th
Winston at 39thScott at 6th
Winston at 38thMadison at 7th
Winston at Ritte's CornerMadison at 9th
Caroline at TibbattsMadison at 10th
34th at CarolineMadison at 11th
34th at GraffMadison at 13th
34th at BeechMadison at 15th
Southern at CliffordMadison at 16th
Southern at RosinaMadison at 18th
Southern at WatsonMadison at 20th
Latonia at SouthernMadison at Wallace
Latonia at 28thMadison at Sterrett
Latonia at MadisonMadison at 24th
Madison at AlexandriaMadison at Catalpa
Madison at AshlandMadison at 25th
Madison at RosinaMadison at 26th
Madison at Iowa2720 Madison
Madison at BirchMadison at Decoursey
Madison at RogersMadison at Rogers
Madison at DecourseyMadison at Iowa
2725 MadisonMadison at Indiana
Madison at Holmes High SchoolMadison at Ashland
Madison at 25thMadison at Alexandria
Madison at CatalpaLatonia at Madison
Madison at 24thLatonia at 28th
Madison at SterrettSouthern at Aberdeen
Madison at WallaceSouthern at Watson
Madison at 20thSouthern at 32nd
Madison at 18thSouthern at Clifford
Madison at 16thSouthern at Eugenia
Madison at 15th34th at Graff
Madison at 13th34th at Caroline
Madison at 11thCaroline at Southern
Madison at RobbinsTibbatts at 38th
Madison at 8thWinston at 39th
Madison at 7thWinston at 40th
Madison at 6thWinston at 43rd
Madison at 4thLatonia Centre
Covington Transit Center
4th at Madison
4th at Johnson
4th at Walnut

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