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Line 1: No service between Bloor-Yonge and Union due to police activity off property. (Updated 3:17PM)

Access to Victoria Park Station via the pedestrian overpass is closed due to emergency repair work. (Updated 8:02AM)

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→East to Victoria Park
Don Mills Station at Bus Bay 15
Don Mills Rd
Leith Hill Rd North Side
Fairview Mall Dr North Side
Godstone Rd
Deerford Rd
Van Horne Ave    . . .    Van Horne Ave    . . .    Van Horne Ave
Don Mills Rd East Side
Hobart Dr
Houston Cres (West)
Kingslake Rd
Edmonton Rd East Side
Lucifer Dr
Bickerton Cres
Clipper Rd
Victoria Park Ave
Victoria Park Ave at Pleasant View Dr
140 Pleasant View Dr
Pleasant View Dr at Brian Dr
Brian Ave at Margaret Ave
Brian Ave at Van Horne Ave
←West to Don Mills Station
Brian Ave at Van Horne Ave
Van Horne Ave    . . .    Van Horne Ave
Lucifer Dr
Edmonton Dr
Kingslake Rd
Houston Cres (West) West Side
Hobart Dr
Don Mills Rd
Don Mills Rd
Goodview Rd
2980 Don Mills Rd
Esterbrooke Ave
Don Mills Station at Bus Bay 15

Stop changes
effective May 13, 2018

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