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→East to Sunnybrook Hospital
Lawrence Station
Lawrence Ave West at Yonge St (Lawrence Station)
Lawrence Ave East    . . .    Lawrence Ave East    . . .    Lawrence Ave East
Yonge St East Side
Weybourne Cres East Side
Mt Pleasant Rd
Dinnick Cres East Side
Ronan Ave
Wanless Cres (West)
Wanless Cres (East)
Mildenhall Rd
Bayview Ave
Bayview Ave at Wood Ave
Bayview Ave at Dawlish Ave South Side
Wellness Way at Hospital Rd (Odette Cancer Centre)
Hospital Rd at Wellness Way East Side (Sunnybrook Main Ent)
←West to Lawrence Station
Hospital Rd at Wellness Way East Side (Sunnybrook Main Ent)
Raab Blvd at Hospital Rd West Side (K & L Wings)
Wellness Way at Armistice Dr (Wellspring Centre)
Bayview Ave at Vallyanna Dr
Bayview Ave at Lawrence Ave East (York U Glendon Campus)
Lawrence Ave East    . . .    Lawrence Ave East
Mildenhall Rd
Wanless Cres (East) West Side
Wanless Cres (West)
Ronan Ave
Mt Pleasant Rd
Cardinal Place
Lawrence Ave at Yonge St (Lawrence Station)
Lawrence Station

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