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Trains bypassing North York Centre Station, on Line 1, due to an ongoing Toronto Police investigation. (Updated 8:19PM)

Service has resumed north of Sheppard Station on Line 1, but trains will be bypassing North York Centre Station. (Updated 6:30PM)

The old stop list format can be restored in the settings.

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→East to Finch Station
Antibes Dr (South) at Torresdale Ave East Side
Antibes Dr (South) at Candle Liteway (East)
Opposite 100 Antibes Dr
Antibes Dr at Bathurst St
Drewry Ave    . . .    Drewry Ave    . . .    Drewry Ave
Marthon Cres (East)
Lister Dr
Grantbrook St
Gardenia Crt
Norwin St
Hilda Ave
Fairchild Ave
43 Drewry Ave
Yonge St
5800 Yonge St
Finch Station
←West to Bathurst (Torresdale)
Finch Station
Yonge St
Bishop Ave North Side (Finch Station)
5799 Yonge St
Drewry Ave    . . .    Drewry Ave    . . .    Drewry Ave    . . .    Drewry Ave
Yonge St West Side
30 Drewry Ave
Fairchild Ave
Hilda Ave
Norwin St
Cactus Ave
Grantbrook St
Lister Dr
Marathon Cres (East)
Bathurst St
Antibes Dr (North) at Plum Treeway (South) North Side
Antibes Dr (North) at Torresdale Ave
Antibes Dr (South) at Torresdale Ave East Side

Service changes in the event of an ice storm

Service Adjustments Due to Strike Action

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