Toronto TTC

 •  171-Mount Dennis


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↓South to Industry St Branch Id: 171_0_171
Weston Rd at Jane St
Jane St at Trethewey Dr
Trethewey Dr    . . .    Trethewey Dr
Jane St East Side
665 Trethewey Dr
Brookhaven Dr
555 Trethewey Dr
545 Trethewey Dr
Industry St at Ray Ave North Side
120 Industry St
↑North to Jane Branch Id: 171_1_171
Industry St
Ray Ave
Bertal Rd South Side
Todd Baylis Blvd
Trethewey Dr at Todd Baylis Blvd South Side
Eglinton Ave West at Black Creek Dr West Side
Eglinton Ave West at Weston Rd
Weston Rd    . . .    Weston Rd
Oxford Dr
Ray Ave
Victoria Blvd
Craydon Ave
Jane St

Lawrence West Station – Bus loop construction Effective June 24, 2018

Stop changes effective May 13, 2018

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