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Due to inclement weather expected this afternoon, customers can expect longer than normal commute times. Allow extra time for travel. (Updated 11:55AM)

Line 1: Closure for ATC signal upgrades. This weekend, there will be no service between St Clair West and Union. Shuttle buses will run. (Updated Feb 19 8:05PM)

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→East to Royal York Station
Mill Rd at Markland Dr North Side (Silverthorne C.i.)
Rathburn Rd    . . .    Rathburn Rd    . . .    Rathburn Rd
Elmcrest Rd
Ivybridge Dr
Melbert Rd
Opposite 580 Rathburn Rd (Seneca School)
Renforth Dr
475 Rathburn Rd
The West Mall
The East Mall East Side
Meadowbank Rd
333 Rathburn Rd at Walkway To Alanmeade Cres
Rathburn Rd    . . .    Rathburn Rd    . . .    Rathburn Rd
Martin Grove Rd
Edenwood Dr
Haliburton Ave
Kipling Ave
Remington Dr
Cedarland Dr
Birchcroft Rd
Islington Ave
Islington Ave at Anglesey Blvd
Anglesey Blvd
Wimbleton Rd East Side
Pinehurst Cres East Side
The Kingsway
Royal York Rd
Royal York Rd    . . .    Royal York Rd
Ashley Rd
Strath Humber Crt
Dundas St West South Side
Kingsgrove Blvd
Lynngrove Ave
King Georges Rd
Bloor St West South Side
←West to Mill Rd
Royal York Rd    . . .    Royal York Rd    . . .    Royal York Rd
Bloor St West (Subway Station) North Side
King Georges Rd
Tremayne Ave
Kingsgrove Blvd
Usher Ave
Dundas St West
Strath Humber Crt
Ashley Park Rd (North) North Side
Anglesey Blvd    . . .    Anglesey Blvd
Royal York Rd West Side
The Kingsway
Pinehurst Cres North Side
Wimbleton Rd
Islington Ave
Rathburn Rd    . . .    Rathburn Rd    . . .    Rathburn Rd    . . .    Rathburn Rd    . . .    Rathburn Rd    . . .    Rathburn Rd    . . .    Rathburn Rd
Islington Ave West Side
Birchcroft Rd West Side
Pheasant Lane
The Wynd
Kipling Ave
Kipling Ave West Side
Lloyd Manor Rd West Side
Ravenscrest Dr
Martin Grove Rd
West Deane Park Dr West Side
Cottrelle Gate
The East Mall West Side
The West Mall
480 Rathburn Rd
Renforth Dr West Side
580 Rathburn Rd (Seneca School)
590 Rathburn Rd
Ivybridge Dr West Side
Elmcrest Rd
Mill Rd at Rathburn Rd Loop

Additional Stops:

Service changes in the event of an ice storm

Stop changes
effective May 13, 2018

TTC service improvements and changes

48 Rathburn - Temporary route change at Royal York Station
Effective May 7, 2017

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