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This Sunday only, Line 3 will be closed for track maintenance. Shuttle buses will be operating. Visit for alternative routing. (Updated 3:32PM)

Eglinton West Station: Self-Serve reload Machine unavailable May 29 to June 30 due to device replacement. (Updated Jun 10 4:43PM)

The old stop list format can be restored in the settings.

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↓South to Queensway
Runnymede Station
Runnymede Rd
Bloor St West South Side
Deforest Rd
Morningside Ave
Morningside Ave at Windermere Ave
Windermere Ave at St Olaves Rd
Coe Hill Dr    . . .    Coe Hill Dr
Windermere Ave South Side
80 Coe Hill Dr
44 Coe Hill Dr
The Queensway
The Queensway at Windermere Ave West Side
The Queensway at South Kingsway
South Kingsway at Ripley Ave
South Kingsway at Ormskirk Ave
Ormskirk Ave at Ripley Ave East Side
60 Southport St
Southport St at Windermere Pl
Windermere Place at Windermere Ave
↑North to Runnymede Station
Windermere Place at Windermere Ave
Windermere Ave
89 Windermere Ave
Coe Hill Dr
St Olaves Rd
Morningside Ave
Morningside Ave at Lavinia Ave East Side
Runnymede Rd
Morningside Ave North Side
Deforest Rd
Bloor St West
Runnymede Station

Service Adjustments Due to Strike Action

Changes to 512 St Clair Service

Changes to streetcar service

Stop changes effective May 13, 2018

TTC service improvements and changes

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