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↑North to Coxwell
Broadview Station
Broadview Ave    . . .    Broadview Ave
849 Broadview Ave
Browning Ave
Mortimer Ave North Side
Bater Ave
Cosburn Ave North Side
Torrens Ave North Side
O'Connor Dr
Oconnor Dr    . . .    Oconnor Dr    . . .    Oconnor Dr    . . .    Oconnor Dr
Hopedale Ave
Pape Ave
Chilton Rd
Wolverton Ave
Donlands Ave
St Hubert Ave
Northbrook Rd
Derwyn Rd
Milton Rd
Coxwell Ave
Plains Rd at Coxwell Ave West Side
↓South to Broadview Station
Plains Rd at Coxwell Ave West Side
Lankin Blvd at O'Connor Dr
Oconnor Dr    . . .    Oconnor Dr    . . .    Oconnor Dr
Milton Rd West Side
Derwyn Rd
Athlone Rd West Side
Don Mills Rd West Side
Donlands Ave West Side
Warland Ave
Rivercourt Blvd
Pape Ave
Beechwood Dr
Broadview Ave    . . .    Broadview Ave    . . .    Broadview Ave
Fernwood Gardens South Side
Torrens Ave South Side
Cosburn Ave South Side
Hillside Dr
Pottery Rd South Side
Chester Hill Rd
876 Broadview Ave
Pretoria Ave
Broadview Station

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