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↓South to Arrow Rd
Jane St at Sheppard Ave West
2002-2012 Sheppard Ave West
Sheppard Ave West at Laura Rd
Sheppard Ave West at Oakdale Rd
Arrow Rd    . . .    Arrow Rd
Sheppard Ave West North Side
Bartor Rd North Side
Lido Rd
Opposite 700 Arrow Rd
↑North to Jane
Arrow Rd    . . .    Arrow Rd
Deerhide Cres (South)
Pemican Crt North Side
1111 Arrow Rd
Finch Ave West
Finch Ave West at Oakdale Rd (Humber River Hospital)
Finch Ave West at Elana Dr
Finch Ave West at Jane St
Jane St    . . .    Jane St    . . .    Jane St    . . .    Jane St
Firgrove Cres (North) South Side
2900 Jane St
Firgrove Cres (South) South Side
Eddystone Ave
Frith Rd
Courage Ave South Side
Stanley Rd
Clair Rd
Sheppard Ave West

Long weekend service Friday, May 18 to Monday, May 21, 2018

Service Adjustments Due to Strike Action

Construction Projects Affecting Service Starting May 13, several routes will be impacted by construction activities.

Changes to 512 St Clair Service

Changes to streetcar service

Stop changes effective May 13, 2018

TTC service improvements and changes

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