UC Berkeley

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Downtown Berkeley BART
Haas School of Business: Piedmont Avenue (Northbound)
Evans Hall: Hearst Mining Circle
Greek Theatre: Gayley Rd
Cory Hall: Hearst at LeRoy
North Gate: Hearst at Euclid
Tolman Hall: Hearst at Arch
Innovative Genomics Bldg: Hearst Ave at Oxford St
Walnut St at University Ave
Addison St at Shattuck Ave
Downtown Berkeley BART: Shattuck at Allston (Arrival)
Haas School of Business
Downtown Berkeley BART: Shattuck at Allston
Shattuck Ave at Kittredge St
Manville Residence Hall: Shattuck Ave at Channing Wy
Ellsworth Parking Structure: Channing Wy at Ellsworth St
Unit 3 Residence Hall: Channing Wy at Telegraph Ave
Channing Wy at Bowditch St
Unit 1 Residence Hall: Channing Wy at College Ave
Unit 2 Residence Hall: College at Haste
Clark Kerr Campus: Dwight Wy at Prospect St
Channing Circle
International House: Piedmont at Bancroft

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