Salt Lake City UTA

 •  1-South Temple

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Stop List
Route Vehicles
University HospitalPoplar Grove (400 S + Redwood Rd)
Redwood Rd at 400 SUniversity Hospital
Redwood Rd at South TempleNorth Campus at Federal Heights
Redwood Rd at North TempleU Kennecott Building
Redwood Rd at 200 N100 S at University St
Northstar Dr at Redwood RdSouth Temple at 1300 E / T St
Northstar Dr at Cornell StSouth Temple at 1100 E / Q St
1460 N at North TempleSouth Temple at 900 E / N St
North Temple at 1550 WSouth Temple at L St
Redwood Rd at North TempleSouth Temple at 700 E / J St
Redwood Rd at 200 NSouth Temple at 500 E / F St
Redwood Rd at 300 NSouth Temple at 400 E / C St
Redwood Rd at 500 N200 E at South Temple
Redwood Rd at 700 N100 S at 150 E
Redwood Rd at 800 NState St at 150 S
Redwood Rd at 900 NState St at 250 S
1000 N at Redwood RdState St at 300 S
1000 N at Jordan River PkwyWest Temple at 305 S
1000 N at 1400 WWest Temple at 150 S
1000 N at 1300 WWest Temple at South Temple
1000 N at 1200 WNorth Temple at 200 W
1000 N at American Beauty DrNorth Temple at 300 W
1000 N at 900 WNorth Temple at 600 W
900 W at 900 NNorth Temple at 850 W
900 W at 800 N900 W at 200 N
900 W at 700 N900 W at 300 N
900 W at 600 N900 W at 400 N
900 W at 500 N900 W at 500 N
900 W at 400 N900 W at 600 N
900 W at 300 N900 W at 700 N
900 W at 200 N900 W at 800 N
North Temple at 850 W900 W at 900 N
North Temple at 600 W1000 N at 900 W
North Temple at 400 W1000 N at American Beauty Dr
North Temple at 300 W1000 N at 1200 W
North Temple at 150 W1000 N at 1300 W
West Temple at North Temple1000 N at 1400 W
West Temple at South Temple1000 N at Jordan River Pkwy
West Temple at 282 S1000 N at Redwood Rd
State St at 400 SRedwood Rd at 900 N
State St at 300 SRedwood Rd at 800 N
State St at 150 SRedwood Rd at 700 N
100 S at 150 ERedwood Rd at 500 N
200 E at South TempleNorthstar Dr at Redwood Rd
South Temple at 300 E / B StNorthstar Dr at Cornell St
South Temple at 400 E / C St1460 N at North Temple
South Temple at 500 E / F StNorth Temple at 1550 W
South Temple at 700 E / J StRedwood Rd at North Temple
South Temple at 900 E / M StRedwood Rd at 400 S
South Temple at 1100 E / Q St
South Temple at 1300 E / T St
U Kennecott Building
University Hospital

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