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GCTD | Route 1B Temporary Stop Closure Started Jun 6 Until Jun 10
The following stop(s) are closed until further notice:
Perkins & Hueneme
Port Hueneme - Centerpoint Mall via Pv RdPort Hueneme - Centerpoint Mall via BardOxnard Transit Center - Centerpoint Mall via C StOxnard Transit Center - Centerpoint Mall via C St
OTCOTCHueneme at Ventura (Eastbound)Hueneme at Ventura
4th at B St4th at B StVentura Rd at Anacapa ViewScott at 2nd
C at 4thC at 4thSurfside at Ocean View (Eastbound)Ponoma at Clara
C at 6thC at 6thHueneme at SurfsidePonoma at C
C at 8thC at 8thHueneme at J (Eastbound)Ventura Rd at Pleasant Valley
C at 9thC at 9thPerkins at Hueneme (Northbound)Ventura Rd at Bard
C at HillC at HillPerkins at Clara (Northbound)Bard at Park
C at CedarC at CedarPerkins at Pleasant Valley (Northbound)Bard at C
C at HemlockC at HemlockPleasant Valley at C (Eastbound)Saviers at Bard (Northbound)
C St Transfer Ctr (Southbound)C St Transfer Ctr (Southbound)Saviers at Pleasant Valley (Northbound)Saviers at Yucca (Northbound)
Saviers at Channel IslSaviers at Channel IslSaviers at Bard (Northbound)Saviers at Bryce Canyon (Northbound)
Saviers at Bryce CanyonSaviers at Bryce CanyonSaviers at Yucca (Northbound)Channel Isl at C
Saviers at YuccaSaviers at YuccaSaviers at Bryce Canyon (Northbound)C St Transfer Ctr
Saviers at BardBard at SaviersChannel Isl at CC at Hemlock (Northbound)
Saviers at Pleasant ValleyBard at C (Westbound)C St Transfer CtrC at Elm
Pleasant Valley at CBard at Park (Westbound)C at Hemlock (Northbound)C at Hill (Northbound)
Perkins at Pleasant ValleyBard at 5thC at ElmC at 9th (Northbound)
Perkins at ClaraPleasant Valley at VenturaC at Hill (Northbound)C at 7th
Perkins at HuenemePonoma at C (Southbound)C at 9th (Northbound)C at 5th
Hueneme at JPonoma at Clara (Southbound)C at 7th4th at B St (Eastbound)
Surfside at HuenemeScott at PonomaC at 5thOTC
Surfside at Ocean ViewHueneme at Ventura (Eastbound)4th at B St (Eastbound)
Ventura Rd at ShoreviewOTC
Hueneme at Ventura

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