Ventura VCTC

 •  Route 4

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Stop List
Route Vehicles
North Oxnard via GonzalesNorth Oxnard via GonzalesNorth Oxnard - St Johns Hospital
4th at B St4th at B St4th at B St
4th at D4th at D3rd at B
4th at F4th at F3rd at Garfield (Eastbound)
F at 2ndF at 2nd3rd at Wilson (Eastbound)
F at BeverlyF at Beverly3rd at Campton (Eastbound)
Doris at FDoris at FRose at Santa Lucia (Northbound)
Doris at HDoris at HRose at Camino Del Sol (Northbound)
Doris at MDoris at MRose at Socorro (Northbound)
M at DevonshireM at DevonshireSt. John's Hsp.
M at GlenwoodM at GlenwoodGonzales at Rose (Before) (Westbound)
Ivywood at VenturaIvywood at VenturaGonzales at Rose (After) (Westbound)
Gonzales at VenturaGonzales at VenturaGonzales at Snow (Westbound)
Gonzales at LantanaGonzales at LantanaGonzales at Entrada (Westbound)
Gonzales at HGonzales at HGonzales at C (Westbound)
Gonzales at CGonzales at CGonzales at H (Westbound)
Gonzales at EntradaGonzales at EntradaGonzales at Lantana (Westbound)
Gonzales at SnowGonzales at SnowVentura Rd at Gonzales (Southbound)
Gonzales at Rose (Before) (Eastbound)Gonzales at Rose (Before) (Eastbound)Ivywood at Ventura (Eastbound)
Rose at GonzalesRose at GonzalesM at Devonshire (Southbound)
Rose at SocorroRose at SocorroM at Doris
Rose at Camino Del SolRose at Camino Del SolDoris at H (Eastbound)
Rose at Santa LuciaRose at Santa LuciaDoris at F (Eastbound)
3rd at Campton3rd at CamptonDoris at C
3rd at Wilson3rd at WilsonC at Palm (Southbound)
3rd at Garfield3rd at GarfieldC at 1st (Southbound)
3rd at A3rd at AC at 3rd (Southbound)
4th at B St4th at B St (Eastbound)4th at B St (Eastbound)

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