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 •  Route 21

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Stop List
Route Vehicles
Pacific View Mall via VictoriaCenterpoint Mall via Victoria
C St Transfer CtrVTC
Saviers at LaurelTelegraph at College
Channel Isl at CTelegraph at Ashwood (Eastbound)
Channel Isl at JTelegraph at Baylor
Channel Islands at ManzanitaTelegraph at Claremont (Eastbound)
Channel Isl at VenturaTelegraph at Estates (Eastbound)
Channel Islands at UkiahTelegraph at Townhouse
Channel Islands at PattersonTelegraph at Day (Eastbound)
Channel Islands at WheelhouseTelegraph at Bryn Mawr (Eastbound)
Channel Islands at VictoriaTelegraph at Wake Forest (Eastbound)
Victoria at HemlockTelegraph at Victoria (Eastbound)
Victoria at LeewardVictoria at Telephone (Southbound)
Victoria at WooleyVictoria at Ralston (Southbound)
Victoria at 5thVictoria at Avocet (Southbound)
Victoria at GonzalesVictoria at Moon (Southbound)
Victoria at Gum TreeVictoria at Valentine (Southbound)
Victoria at ValentineVictoria at Gum Tree (Southbound)
Victoria at MoonVictoria at Gonzales (Southbound)
Victoria at AvocetVictoria at 5th (Southbound)
Victoria at RalstonVictoria at Wooley (Southbound)
Victoria at TelephoneVictoria at Leeward (Southbound)
Telegraph at VictoriaVictoria at Hemlock (Southbound)
Telegraph at Wake ForestChannel Islands at Patterson (Eastbound)
Telegraph at Bryn MawrChannel Isl at Ventura (Eastbound)
Telegraph at DayChannel Isl at Lassen
Telegraph at EstatesChannel Isl at J (Eastbound)
Telegraph at ClaremontC St Transfer Ctr
Telegraph at West Campus
Telegraph at Ashwood
Telegraph at Palomares
GCTD | Route 21 Temporary Stop Closure Started May 11 Until Sep 1

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