Ventura VCTC

 •  Route 23

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Stop List
Route Vehicles
Naval Base - Esplanade via Ventura RdNaval Base Oxnard College via Ventura Rd
Oxnard College (LOT A)Esplanade at Spur (Southbound)
Rose at Billings (Southbound)Esplanade at Esplanade Shp Ctr (Southbound)
Pleasant Valley at Rose (Westbound)Vineyard at Esplanade
Pleasant Valley at Terrace (Westbound)Vineyard at Oxnard
Pleasant Valley at Squires (Westbound)Vineyard at H
Pleasant Valley at Cloyne (Westbound)Ventura Rd at Carmen
Saviers at Pleasand Valley (Southbound)Ventura Rd at Bevra
Saviers at Clara (Southbound)Ventura Rd at Gonzales (Southbound)
Hueneme at CourtlandVentura at Ivywood
Hueneme at JVentura at Devonshire
Hueneme at Surfside (Westbound)Ventura Rd at 5th
Ventura at Scott (Northbound)Ventura Rd at 9th (Southbound)
Ventura at ClaraVentura Rd at Channel Islands
Ventura Rd at Pleasant ValleyVentura Rd at Sunkist
Ventura Rd at BardVentura Rd at Bard (Southbound)
Ventura Rd at SunkistVentura Rd at Pleasant Valley
Ventura Rd at SpruceVentura Rd at Clara
Ventura at Channel IslandsVentura Rd at Scott St
Ventura at HemlockHueneme at Surfside
Ventura Rd at 9thHueneme at J (Eastbound)
Ventura Rd at 5th (Northbound)Saviers Rd at Hood Way
Ventura at Devonshire (Northbound)Saviers Rd at Clara St
Ventura at Ivywood (Northbound)Pleasant Valley at Saviers
Ventura Rd at GonzalesPleasant Valley at Cloyne
Ventura Rd at FuchsiaPleasant Valley at Squires
Ventura Rd at HollyPleasant Valley at Terrace
Vineyard at H (Eastbound)Pleasant Valley at Rose
Vineyard at St. Mary'sRose at Billings
Esplanade at Esplanade Shp CtrOxnard College (LOT B)
Esplanade at Spur

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