San Antonio VIA

 •  103-Primo Zarzamora

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Stop List
Route Vehicles
Crossroads Park & RideMadla Transit Center
Madla Transit CenterCrossroads Park at Ride
S. Zarzamora at S.W. Military Dr.Crossroads Station
Zarzamora at Sas & MayfieldFredericksburg Rd. at Altgelt
Zarzamora at Wagner & GeraldDe Chantle Station
Zarzamora at SouthcrossBabcock Station
Zarzamora at Elks & FlandersMary Louise Station
Zarzamora at CentennialZarzamora at Summit
Zarzamora at CulbersonZarzamora at Woodlawn
Zarzamora at MaloneZarzamora at Cincinnati
Zarzamora at CarrollZarzamora at Culebra
Zarzamora at BarrettZarzamora at Culebra & Carter
Zarzamora at Frio City & Hwy Us 90Zarzamora at Poplar
Zarzamora at BradyZarzamora at Ruiz
Zarzamora at CeralvoZarzamora at Martin
Zarzamora at MeridaZarzamora at Buena Vista
Zarzamora at Laredo & PotosiZarzamora at Cesar Chavez
Zarzamora at San CarlosZarzamora at San Fernando
Zarzamora at GuadalupeZarzamora at Guadalupe
Zarzamora at San FernandoZarzamora at San Carlos
Zarzamora at Cesar ChavezZarzamora at Potosi & Laredo
Zarzamora at CommerceZarzamora at Merida
Zarzamora at MartinZarzamora at Ceralvo
Zarzamora at RuizZarzamora at Brady
Zarzamora at PoplarZarzamora at Harriman
Zarzamora at CulebraZarzamora at Barrett
Zarzamora at KentuckyZarzamora at Cavalier
Zarzamora at CincinnatiZarzamora at Royston
Zarzamora at WoodlawnZarzamora at Culberson
Zarzamora at SummitZarzamora at Centennial
Mary Louise StationZarzamora at Somerset & Stonewall
Babcock StationZarzamora at Southcross
De Chantle StationZarzamora at Gerald & Wagner
Fredericksburg Rd. at AltgeltZarzamora at Mayfield & Sas
Fredericksburg Rd. at Crossroads Blvd.S. Zarzamora at S.W. Military Dr.
Crossroads Park at RideMadla Transit Center

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