San Antonio VIA

 •  501-Utsa / Leon Valley

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Poss at Bandera
Grass Valley
Huebner    . . .    Huebner
Apple Green
Huebner At Huebner Creek Health at Rehab Center
Huebner at Eckhert
North Hollow
The Frank Tejeda Va Clinic
Babcock at Hamilton-Wolfe
Babcock Opp. Christus Santa Rosa Hosp.
Babcock at Lamb Rd.
South Texas Medical Center Tc
Medical Dr. at Babcock
Medical Dr Opp/Ent Villa Rosa Hosp.
Medical Dr.    . . .    Medical Dr.
Von Scheele
Lodge Apts.
Floyd Curl
Fredericksburg Rd. at Data Point
Fredericksburg Rd at Wurzbach (460' South)
Fredericksburg Rd. Opp. Hamilton-Wolfe
Fredericksburg Rd. at Bluemel (470' South)
Fredericksburg Rd. at Bluemel (520' North)
Fredericksburg Rd. at Cinnamon Creeek
Fredericksburg Rd. at Gus Eckert
Fredericksburg Rd. Btwn. Gus Eckhert at Usaa
Fredericksburg Rd. at Research
Fredericksburg Rd. at Prue
Fredericksburg Rd. at Clarke Rd.
Ih-10 W Access Rd. at Presidio Pkwy
University Park/Ride
Loop 1604 W Access/Entr. La Cantera
Utsa Loop 1604 Campus
↓Leon Valley
Utsa Loop 1604 Campus
Loop 1604 E Acces Rd at Valero Way
University Park/Ride
Fredericksburg Rd. at Club (Private Rd)
Fredericksburg Rd. at Prue Rd.
Fredericksburg Rd. at Huebner
Fredericksburg Rd. at Usaa Blvd.
Fredericksburg Rd. Btwn. Usaa Blvd. at Gus Eckhert
Fredericksburg Rd.    . . .    Fredericksburg Rd.
Gus Eckert
Cinnamon Creek
Bluemel (600' South)
Casa Madison (210' North)
Marriott Dr.
Data Point
Medical Dr. at Floyd Curl
Medical Dr. at 4647
Medical Dr. East Of Wurzbach
Medical Dr.
Post Office
Von Scheele
Ent. Villa Rosa Hosp.
South Texas Medical Center Tc
Lamb Rd.
Roanoke Run
The Frank Tejeda Va Clinic
North Hollow
Huebner at Eckhert
Huener at Sa Voa Living Center
Heubner at Apple Green
Huebner    . . .    Huebner
Redbird Ln
Poss Rd.
Grissom at Bandera & Poss
Poss at Bandera

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