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 •  51-Nogalitos

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Stop List
Route Vehicles
Madla Transit CenterDowntown
Martin at NavarroMadla Transit Center
St. Mary's at PecanI-35 Naccess Rd. at Grosvenor
St. Mary's at Travis & Houston2nd Ent. Sp Mall I35 Sacc. Rd.
St Marys at Market & VillitaIh 35 S Access at Zarzamora
S. St. Mary's at King WilliamIh 35 S Access at Yarrow Blvd
S. St. Mary's at AlamoNavajo St at Ih35 S Access
S. Alamo at BeauregardBarlite at Cascade Pkwy
S. Alamo at E. SheridanBarlite Opp. Bobcat Lane (Sioux)
S. Alamo at JohnsonBarlite at Texas Vista Medical Center
S. Alamo at The San Antonio RiverBarlite at Briggs
S. Alamo at NathanBarlite at S.W. Military Dr.
S. Flores at SprrKendalia at Somerset
Nogalitos at KellerSomerset at Mayfield
Nogalitos at RehmanSomerset at Pyron
Nogalitos at ZavallaSomerset at Wagner
Nogalitos at FurnishSomerset at Vickers
Nogalitos at PowellSomerset at W. Southcross
Nogalitos at CassSomerset at Milvid
Nogalitos at DrakeSomerset at Brunswick
Nogalitos at S. ParkSomerset at Stonewall
Nogalitos at RoslynZarzamora at Elks & Flanders
Nogalitos at TaftNogalitos at Brighton
Nogalitos at E. ThompsonNogalitos at Burgess
Nogalitos at RecioNogalitos at Division
Nogalitos at HearneNogalitos at Surrey
Nogalitos at TheoNogalitos at Gladstone
Nogalitos at RoystonNogalitos at Sims
Nogalitos at HooverNogalitos at Hoover
Nogalitos at Sims2920 Nogalitos
Nogalitos at GladstoneNogalitos at Theo
Nogalitos at CulbersonNogalitos at Eldorado
Nogalitos at DivisionNogalitos at Recio
Nogalitos at BurgessNogalitos at Saldana
Nogalitos at CentennialNogalitos at Rip Ford
Somerset at StonewallNogalitos at Big Foot
Somerset at BrunswickNogalitos at Maury
Somerset at Milvid1400 Nogalitos
Somerset at W. SouthcrossNogalitos at Edwards
Somerset at VickersNogalitos at Glass
Somerset at LovettNogalitos at Furnish
Somerset at KingNogalitos at Stribling (Zavalla)
Somerset at FenfieldNogalitos at Fest
Barlite at KendaliaNogalitos at S. Flores
Barlite at S.W. Military Dr.S. Flores at Sprr
Barlite opp. Texas Vista Medical CenterS. Alamo at Nathan
Barlite at Bobcat Lane (Sioux)S. Alamo at Blue Star Pl.
Barlite Opp. 7838S. Alamo at Wickes
Navajo at S. PanamS. Alamo Opposite E. Sheridan
S. Panam at BarliteS. Alamo at Cedar
Ih35s Acc Betw. Hutch Pl./Pote JourS. St. Mary's at Cesar Chavez Blvd
Ih 35 N Access at Marek StS. St. Mary's btwn. Cesar Chavez at Arciniega
Ih35n Access Front Of Park SouthS.St.Mary's at Nueva
Ih 35 N Access at ZarzamoraNavarro at Villita
Madla Transit Center

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