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Detour on Route 647 NORTH Started Apr 4 Until Jan 1 3000
Route 647 North Star / Harry Wurzbach is currently on detour due to construction. No service from EISENHAUER & GREENWICH to N. NEW BRAUNFELS & CALUMET.
Closed Stops
Detour on Route 647 SOUTH Started Apr 4 Until Jan 1 3000
Route 647 North Star / Harry Wurzbach is currently on detour due to construction. No service from N. NEW BRAUNFELS & CALUMET to EISENHAUER & GREENWICH.
Closed Stops
North Star Transit CenterHarry Wurzbach / Towers on Park Lane
Harry Wurzbach at TerrellNorth Star Transit Center
Harry Wurzbach at TuttleN.E. Loop 410 E Access Rd. at Mccullough
Harry Wurzbach at ArvinLoop 410 E Access Rd at Jones Malt
Harry Wurzbach at WynansJones Maltsberger at Rector
Harry Wurzbach at RittimanJones Maltsberger at Rexford
Harry Wurzbach at ByrnesJones-Maltsberger at Pinewood
Harry Wurzbach at OlneyJones-Maltsberger at Waxwood
Harry Wurzbach at Ent. To SunseJones-Maltsberger at Oblate
Eisenhauer at Thrush ViewJones-Maltsberger at Alamo Quarry
Eisenhauer at PikeTreeline Park Betw Basse/Nottingham
Eisenhauer at VandiverTreeline Park 555' N. Of Nottingham
Eisenhauer at HaskinTreeline Park 1410' N. Of Nott.Ham
Eisenhauer at KenilworthTreeline Park 890' South Of Sunset
Eisenhauer at GreenwichTreeline Park at Sunset
N. New Braunfels at CalumetSunset at Everest
N. New Braunfels at NottinghamSunset at Broadway
N. New Braunfels at TophillSunset at Sunset Court
New Braunfels at WoodcrestSunset at New Braunfels
New Brnfls. Betw Nacogdoches/SunsetNew Braunfels at Nacogdoches
Sunset at New BraunfelsNew Braunfels at Woodcrest
Sunset at Sunset CourtN. New Braunfels at Tophill
Sunset at BroadwayN. New Braunfels at Calumet
Sunset at EverestEisenhauer at Kenilworth
Sunset at Teak LaneEisenhauer at Chevy Chase
403 Treeline ParkEisenhauer at Haskin
340 Treeline ParkEisenhauer at N Vandiver Rd
250 Treeline ParkEisenhauer Betw. Rainbow/H.Wurzbach
Treeline Park at Bristol GreenEisenhauer at Harry Wurzbach
Treeline Park at BasseHarry Wurzbach at Sumner
Basse at Jones-MaltsbergerHarry Wurzbach/ Timberlane at Byrnes
J-M'berger Entr Dr To Quarry MarketHarry Wurzbach at Rittiman
Jones-Maltsberger at TeakwoodHarry Wurzbach at Eventide
Jones-Maltsberger at W. SunsetHarry Wurzbach at Lyman
J-M'berger Betw Millwood/SprucewoodHarry Wurzbach Btw Garraty at Tuttle
Jones Maltsberger at WalmartHarry Wurzbach Btw Burr at Raphail
Jones Maltsberger at HalmHarry Wurzbach Front Towers Park Ln
Loop 410 W Access Rd. at MertzHarry Wurzbach at Scott
Loop 410 at McculloughHarry Wurzbach at Fort Sam Golf Course
North Star Transit CenterHarry Wurzbach at Terrell

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