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 •  89-Poplar

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Ingram Transit CenterDowntown
Centro Plaza - Scorner (Stop A)Ingram Transit Center
Frio at Martin6602 Ingram Rd.
Frio at PerezIngram Rd. at Wurzbach
Frio at LealIngram at Wacos
Frio at Arbor & DelgadoIngram at War Bow
Frio at RivasIngram at Oakhill
Poplar at Frio6130 Ingram
Poplar at ColoradoIngram at Callaghan
Poplar at BrazosCallaghan And Aspen Garden
Poplar at San JacintoCallaghan at Farragut (165' north)
Poplar at TrinityCallaghan at Viva Max
Poplar at SabinasHemphill Opp. Sul Ross Middle Schoo
Poplar at NavidadHemphill at Esparza Elem.
Poplar at CalaverasHemphill at Alston
Poplar at N. ZarzamoraHemphill at El Centro
Poplar at ElmendorfHemphill at Laven
Poplar at HamiltonHemphill at Edgecliff
18th PoplarHemphill at Benrus
19th Poplar4906 Hemphill
Poplar at GoodrichHemphill at Broadview
22nd PoplarBroadview at Overhill
24th PoplarOverhill at Roanoke
N.W. 24th at Blue RidgeMaiden Lane at Woodlawn
N.W. 24th between Laurel at CulebraWoodlawn at Hillcrest
N.W. 24th between Culebra at Kentucky3554 Woodlawn
Wilson at WaverlyWoodlawn at N.W. 36th
Wilson at CincinnatiWoodlawn at Ligustrum
Cincinnati at GermaniaWoodlawn at Camino Santa Maria
Cincinnati at BanderaCamino Santa Maria Opp. Fordham
Cincinnati at Gen. McmullenCamino Santa Maria Opp. Cincinnati
Cincinnati at StonegateCincinnati at Purdue
Cincinnati at PurdueCincinnati at Stonegate
Camino Santa Maria at CincinnatiCincinnati at Gen. Mcmullen
Camino Santa Maria at FordhamCincinnati at Bandera
Camino Santa Maria at WoodlawnCincinnati at Germania
Woodlawn at LigustrumWilson at Cincinnati
Woodlawn at N.W. 36thWilson at Waverly
3554 WoodlawnWilson at Culebra
Woodlawn at HillcrestN.W. 24th at Laurel
Woodlawn at Maiden LaneN.W. 24th at Blue Ridge
Overhill at Roanoke24th Poplar
Overhill at Broadview22nd Poplar
Broadview at HemphillPoplar at Goodrich
4835 & 4903 Hemphill19th Poplar
Hemphill at Benrus18th Poplar
Hemphill opposite EdgecliffPoplar at Hamilton
Hemphill at LavenPoplar at Elmendorf (Offset)
Hemphill at ChesterhillPoplar at N. Zarzamora
Hemphill at AlstonPoplar at Calaveras
Hemphill Opp. Esparza Elem.Poplar at Navidad
Hemphill at CallaghanPoplar at Sabinas
Callaghan at Viva MaxPoplar at Trinity
Callaghan at Farragut & SloanPoplar at San Jacinto
Callaghan at FermiPoplar at Brazos
Ingram at CallaghanPoplar at Colorado
Ingram between Callaghan at QuiverPoplar at Frio
Ingram at OakhillFrio at Rivas
Ingram at War BowFrio btwn. Arbor at Delgado
Ingram at WacosFrio at Ruiz
6511 IngramFrio at Haven For Hope Way
Wurzbach at Van CleaveFrio at Medina
Ingram Transit CenterFrio at Martin
Centro Plaza - Scorner

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