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1: Vehicle 1586 Empty on route 9-Business Park 2:52 behind towards Cornwall Business Park past Oliver on McConnell

2: Vehicle 1792 near Benson Centre

3: Vehicle 1793 Many Seats on route 71-Express East 20:54 behind towards Express East at Marlborough on Montreal Rd.

4: Vehicle 1794 Many Seats on route 71-Express West 22:23 behind towards Express West past Fourth to Walmart on Cumberland

5: Vehicle 1895 Empty near Cornwall Transit Last seen 4:03

6: Vehicle 2096 near Cornwall Transit Last seen 37:31

7: Vehicle 2098 Many Seats near Fourteenth on Vincent Massey

8: Vehicle 2101 Empty on route 6-Cumberland 4:45 behind towards Cumberland at Walmart

9: Vehicle 2102 Empty on route 5-Mcconnell 0:01 ahead of towards McConnell past Marlborough on Ninth

10: Vehicle 2103 Many Seats near Cornwall Transit

11: Vehicle 2104 Many Seats on route 3-Brookdale 3 days 0:02:15 behind towards Brookdale aprchg Brookdale Centre

12: Vehicle 2105 Empty on route 7-Montreal 1:06 ahead of towards Montreal past Glen Stor Dun Lodge to DEV Hotel

13: Vehicle 2106 Many Seats on route 1-Pitt 3:17 behind towards Pitt at Sunnyside on Pitt

14: Vehicle 2207 on route 4-Riverdale 29:31 behind towards Riverdale at Queen on Riverdale

15: Vehicle 2208 on route 6-Cumberland 1:21 behind towards Cumberland past Thirteenth on Cumberland

16: Vehicle 2209 on route 2-Sunrise 1:47 ahead of towards Sunrise at Shearer on Anderson

17: Vehicle 2310 near Cornwall Transit

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