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Corpus Christi CCRTA

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1: Vehicle 97 on route 6-Santa Fe/Malls at Alameda (NS) on Airline

2: Vehicle 98 on route 76-Harbor Bridge Shuttle at Staples St Station Lane M

3: Vehicle 99 on route 78-North Beach Shuttle near Paul on Surfside

4: Vehicle 651 on route 5-Alameda near Clifford FS on Alameda

5: Vehicle 652 on route 29-Staples near Waldron on Compton

6: Vehicle 715 on route 25-Gollihar/Greenwood near Bernadino on Gollihar

7: Vehicle 720 on route 19-Ayers at 17th on Ayers

8: Vehicle 902 on route 29-Staples near Ralston on Staples

9: Vehicle 904 on route 26-Airline/Lipes near Williams on Airline

10: Vehicle 905 on route 32-Southside at Southside Station Bay B

11: Vehicle 906 on route 29-Staples at Esplanade on Parkway

12: Vehicle 907 on route 29-Staples near Southside Station Bay J

13: Vehicle 908 on route 29-Staples near 15th NS on Staples

14: Vehicle 910 on route 60-Momentum Shuttle near Izzy Stop on Islander Way

15: Vehicle 915 on route 32-Southside near Christie on Gollihar

16: Vehicle 922 on route 53-Robstown/NAS Express near Silverberry on Wal Mart

17: Vehicle 1001 on route 27-Leopard at 4th Street @ Robstown Station on Avenue A

18: Vehicle 1002 on route 23-Molina near 18th on Morgan

19: Vehicle 1004 on route 21-Arboleda near Tarlton on Carver

20: Vehicle 1006 on route 27-Leopard near Rolling Acres FS on Leopard

21: Vehicle 1008 on route 27-Leopard at Callicoate on Leopard

22: Vehicle 1009 on route 27-Leopard near UpRiver on Leopard

23: Vehicle 1010 on route 27-Leopard near Port on Leopard

24: Vehicle 1011 on route 5-Alameda near Glenmore on Alameda

25: Vehicle 1015 on route 19-Ayers near French on McArdle

26: Vehicle 1016 on route 19-Ayers near Mission Shopping Center on Ayers

27: Vehicle 1019 on route 19-Ayers at Agnes on Carancahua

28: Vehicle 1021 on route 21-Arboleda at Segrest/Morgan on Port

29: Vehicle 3009 on route 34-Robstown North near Vernon on Ave A

30: Vehicle 3012 on route 12-Hillcrest/Baldwin near RTA Bear Lane Last seen 1:03:14

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