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Corpus Christi CCRTA

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1: Vehicle 99 on route 6-Santa Fe/Malls at Ayers FS on Santa Fe

2: Vehicle 100 on route 6-Santa Fe/Malls near Staples Street Station Bay B

3: Vehicle 102 on route 76-Harbor Bridge Shuttle near IH-37 on Water

4: Vehicle 717 on route 19-Ayers at Clemmer on Ayers

5: Vehicle 902 on route 29-Staples near Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church MB on Williams

6: Vehicle 904 on route 37-Crosstown near Southside Station Bay H

7: Vehicle 908 on route 32-Southside near Apollo on Weber

8: Vehicle 909 on route 5-Alameda near Robert on Alameda

9: Vehicle 910 on route 29-Staples near Southside Station Bay J

10: Vehicle 911 on route 28-Leopard/Navigation at Staples St Station Lane M

11: Vehicle 912 on route 17-Carroll/Southside at Gollihar NS on Carroll

12: Vehicle 913 on route 17-Carroll/Southside at McArdle FS on Carroll

13: Vehicle 922 on route 29-Staples near W Manor NS on Williams

14: Vehicle 923 on route 29-Staples near Airline (NS) on Williams

15: Vehicle 1001 on route 19-Ayers near Staples Street Station Bay A

16: Vehicle 1002 on route 19-Ayers near Wynona on McArdle

17: Vehicle 1003 on route 21-Arboleda near Port Ayers Station

18: Vehicle 1004 on route 21-Arboleda near Staples Street Station Bay C

19: Vehicle 1011 on route 27-Leopard near Co. Rd 48 NS (Case IH Tractors) on 77 Access Rd

20: Vehicle 1013 on route 27-Leopard near Sparkling City Auction on 77 Access Rd

21: Vehicle 1014 on route 27-Leopard at Clarkwood on Leopard

22: Vehicle 1017 on route 23-Molina near Ayers on Gollihar

23: Vehicle 1018 on route 23-Molina at Staples Street Station Bay F

24: Vehicle 1020 on route 25-Gollihar/Greenwood at Waterfall on Trojan

25: Vehicle 1021 on route 27-Leopard at Staples Street Station Bay H

26: Vehicle 1024 on route 19-Ayers near Mansheim on Ayers

27: Vehicle 2017 on route 12-Hillcrest/Baldwin at Staples Street Station Bay E

28: Vehicle 2019 on route 3-NAS Shuttle near Waldron on Compton

29: Vehicle 2023 on route 93-FLEX near Momentom Stop (westide of Nile) on Nile

30: Vehicle 3011 on route 12-Hillcrest/Baldwin near Robb Place NS (aka Figg) on Tarlton

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