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Chicago Metra

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1: Vehicle 71 on route Union Pacific West 0:39 behind going Elburn past Geneva

2: Vehicle 73 on route Union Pacific West 0:23 ahead of going Elburn aprchg Oak Park

3: Vehicle 148 on route Metra Electric 14:31 behind going Millennium Station aprchg 56th - 57th St. on 55th

4: Vehicle 150 on route Metra Electric 1:24 behind going Millennium Station at Richton Park

5: Vehicle 151 on route Metra Electric 6:53 behind going University Park aprchg 59th St. (U. of Chicago)

6: Vehicle 351 on route Metra Electric 5:32 behind going South Chicago (93rd) aprchg Museum Campus/11th St.

7: Vehicle 373 on route Union Pacific North 3:56 ahead of going Kenosha aprchg Zion

8: Vehicle 374 on route Union Pacific North 2:08 behind going Chicago Otc past Central St.

9: Vehicle 375 on route Union Pacific North 1:48 behind going Waukegan past Main St.

10: Vehicle 517 on route Rock Island 1:55 behind going Joliet past Lou Jones on 35th St.

11: Vehicle 675 on route Union Pacific Northwest 6:09 behind going Crystal Lake past Cary

12: Vehicle 677 on route Union Pacific Northwest 1:27 behind going Crystal Lake aprchg Jefferson Park

13: Vehicle 678 on route Union Pacific Northwest 0:06 ahead of going Chicago Otc past Irving Park

14: Vehicle 827 Waiting 1:01:54. on route Southwest Service 1:12:15 behind going Orland Park 179th past Orland Park 179th

15: Vehicle 1293 on route Burlington Northern 1:28 ahead of going Aurora past Harlem Ave.

16: Vehicle 1302 on route Burlington Northern 5:18 ahead of going Chicago Union Station past Cicero

17: Vehicle 2155 on route Milwaukee North 51:54 behind going Fox Lake past Grayslake

18: Vehicle 2157 on route Milwaukee North 2:49 behind going Fox Lake past Deerfield

19: Vehicle 2255 on route Milwaukee West 3:41 ahead of going Big Timber aprchg Medinah

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