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Champaign MTD

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1: Vehicle 0915 on route Teal 1:08 behind going Illinois Terminal past PAR Last seen 1:14

2: Vehicle 0916 Waiting 7:59. on route Illini 6:05 behind going Lincoln & Killarney at Killarney on Linview

3: Vehicle 1163 on route LIME 2:43 behind towards Duncan & Bradley near Country Fair Dr. on Springfield

4: Vehicle 1164 on route Red 4:49 behind going Philo & Silver past Florida Dr. on Florida

5: Vehicle 1168 on route Yellow 0:04 ahead of going Champaign Walmart past Gregory on First Last seen 1:08

6: Vehicle 1179 on route Ruby 0:49 behind going Airport & Cunningham aprchg Shake on Kenyon at Steak

7: Vehicle 1191 on route Teal 0:44 behind going Orchard Downs at Illini Union

8: Vehicle 1195 on route Lavender 6:40 behind going Champaign Walmart near Queensway on Campbell

9: Vehicle 1347 on route Green 0:45 behind going Orchard Downs at Sunnycrest

10: Vehicle 1602 on route Yellow 0:22 behind going Champaign Walmart past Market Place

11: Vehicle 1716 on route Green 1:48 behind going Round Barn Road at Urbana Meijer

12: Vehicle 1719 on route Grey 0:26 ahead of going Round Barn Road at Illinois Terminal Last seen 1:08

13: Vehicle 1723 on route Grey 1:37 behind going Round Barn Road at Scottswood on Washington Last seen 1:05

14: Vehicle 1726 on route Lavender going Champaign Walmart near Lincoln on University

15: Vehicle 1734 on route Green 0:22 ahead of going Round Barn Road at University on Walnut

16: Vehicle 2042 on route Grey 3:09 behind going Lincoln Square - Urbana Walmart past Willis on Bradley Last seen 1:02

17: Vehicle 2044 on route Red 0:48 behind going Champaign Meijer aprchg Logan on Walnut Last seen 1:11

18: Vehicle 2103 on route Yellow 0:18 behind going Savoy Walmart past Market Place

19: Vehicle 2104 on route Illini 0:25 behind going Lincoln & Killarney past Gregory at Ikenberry Commons Last seen 1:08

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