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Fort Wright TANK

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1: Vehicle 708 on route 8-Eastern Ave/Crestview Hills 29:57 ahead of going Cincinnati past Crestview Hills Town Center on Dixie

2: Vehicle 709 on route 42X-Florence Hub/Industrial Rd Express 3:25 ahead of going Cincinnati past Florence Hub

3: Vehicle 712 on route 8-Eastern Ave/Crestview Hills 1:29 behind going Cincinnati past Magellan on Crosby

4: Vehicle 714 on route 25-NKU/Alexandria 1:11 behind going Alexandria aprchg Lawrence on 5th

5: Vehicle 719 on route 0 near Fort Wright Hub

6: Vehicle 720 on route 25-NKU/Alexandria 0:42 behind going Cincinnati past Beverly Hills on Alexandria

7: Vehicle 721 on route 2X-Airporter 0:06 ahead of going Cvg Airport aprchg CVG Airport Terminal

8: Vehicle 723 on route 42X-Florence Hub/Industrial Rd Express 8:01 behind going Florence (Main St) aprchg Empire Connector on Empire

9: Vehicle 724 on route 3-Ludlow/Bromley 7:44 behind going Ludlow/Bromley at Pleasant on Shelby

10: Vehicle 727 on route 2X-Airporter 9:37 behind going Cincinnati past Kenton on Spence

11: Vehicle 2189 on route 7-Madison Ave/Latonia 1:31 behind going Cincinnati at 13th on Madison Last seen 1:00

12: Vehicle 2198 on route 1-Dixie Hwy/Florence 3:17 behind going Florence past Cayton on Mall

13: Vehicle 2215 on route 1-Dixie Hwy/Florence 0:33 behind going Cincinnati aprchg Meijer on Spiral

14: Vehicle 2219 on route 25-NKU/Alexandria 0:02 behind going Alexandria aprchg Johns Hill on Kenton

15: Vehicle 2226 Waiting 11:20. on route 5-Holman Ave/Fort Wright 0:13 behind going Cincinnati aprchg Fort Wright Hub

16: Vehicle 2227 Waiting 16:17. on route 25-NKU/Alexandria 15:29 behind going Alexandria aprchg Village Green Park and Ride

17: Vehicle 2229 on route 1-Dixie Hwy/Florence 9:29 behind going Florence past Pleasant Ridge on Dixie

18: Vehicle 2235 on route 8-Eastern Ave/Crestview Hills 8:14 behind going Crestview Hills past 3rd on Race

19: Vehicle 2236 on route 1-Dixie Hwy/Florence 1:06 behind going Florence past Covington Transit Center

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