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Los Angeles Metro

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 • : 232 LAX City Bus Ctr-Long Beach-Via Sepu at President on Pacific Coast going ↑North to Lax City Bus Ctr

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1: In 2:00 at 4:38:16PM. 2:16 behind 4:36:00PM. Gap 24:09 Vehicle 4020
aprchg Normandie on Pacific Coast Only

2: In 14:05 to 17:44 at 4:50:21PM. (Sched. based) 3:39 ahead of 4:54:00PM. Gap 12:05 Will Layover. Only

3: In 31:25 at 5:07:40PM. 4:20 ahead of 5:12:00PM. Gap 17:20 Vehicle 4189
past Pacific on Anaheim Only

4: In 1:28:05 to 1:30:44 at 6:04:21PM. 2:39 ahead of 6:07:00PM. Gap 56:40 Vehicle 1535 Will Layover.
aprchg Harbor on Anaheim Only

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